June 24, 2020

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  • Another busy day around here. Swim team happened this morning-it seemed super early. I didn't have any errands to run while they were swimming, so I just sat and watched. Whitman's main/best teacher wasn't there today, but they still worked hard. Whitman was super pleased because someone said that he had the best dive. I am not sure if that someone was an adult or another child.
  • Graham and Campbell seem to just fly down the pool. They are fun to watch when they are racing each other. Now, Keaton isn't as fast as they are, but she sure does seem to love swim team. 
  • When we came home, I did a few things inside but soon ended up outside painting! Ugh! When will we be finished painting? Today I painted the back door red-we probably should have chosen a more neutral matching color, but why not have some fun. You only live once!
  • Grannymom and Grandpa even stopped by for some lunch. Before we ate, Grandpa did help Robby put in one more light in the shed. Then we had some leftover bbq for lunch. 
  • I had to rush off for my dentist appointment. Gracious, there are so many other places I would rather go than the dentist. So, so many other places. I didn't need any new work so that was good.
  • Robby took the kids and Brett to the pool while I was gone. When I arrived at the pool, they were turning people away because it was already at capacity. Thankfully, Robby had already signed me in so I barely made it into the pool. As soon as I did arrive, Robby did leave.
  • We stayed our two hours then hurried home. We dropped Brett off because he had a baseball game to get to. Then my big 3 had about 20 minutes at home before Candice came and picked them up for church. 
  • Tonight was the first summer Wednesday night that Graham's group was able to go to, and he was super pumped about it. They all had fun-especially since Candice stopped at ChickFilA on the way home. 
  • There was no need to feed my kids because the church brought us a ton of food again tonight. Chicken nuggets was the main dish-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were so excited. I guess if I just make food and put it in a box then they will be that excited about my suppers. I guess that I will have to start sending some of my tithe to the food bringing church!
  • Robby and I finished our day time projects tonight-touching up the shed paint and water sealing the whole thing. I also cleaned the rest of the garage so that is two more things marked off of the list. 
  • Once the others came home, they had some downtime before it was finally bedtime. 10:30 is the normal bedtime around here. And I wonder why my crew is sure sleepy in the mornings!

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