June 23, 2020

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  • Today was our last Terrific Tuesday at church, and I even convinced Anderson to come along and help us. I was up early enough this morning that Whitman and I even worked on spelling before we left.
  • I had intended for Reagan to drive to church, but she didn't want to because she was working on a bracelet. The girl is all into bracelet making now. She may have to wear Robby's wrist brace from trying all of those tiny knots. She said today that she has made more bracelets for other people than she has for herself.
  • Today was water day at church. The weather was questionable this morning, but it held until we were almost done. Our group started out with a slip n slide down the big hill. Then we moved on to other water games. 
  • We ended the morning with pizza and a devotional. When we left church, we did go to the library to pick up some books and some lunches. Ha! The kids enjoyed their library haul today, and it was nice not having to prepare lunch.
  • The original plan had been to go to the pool this afternoon, but the rain changed that. Robby was smoking some meat today so outside just smelled delicious. He worked on a door that had a bit of water damage on it while I ran to Kroger to pick up a few things.
  • The Fergusons came over tonight to eat some of Robby's meat. The kids enjoyed playing with their kids. Whitman enjoyed being with the boys, and Campbell and Keaton loved playing with little Emma.
  • Robby's meat was good tonight so the meal was a success. Anderson had a big day working, a big night playing and then went to spend the night with Brett. Graham would have gone to but has swim in the morning and did get a turn last week with just him at Brett's house. Graham wasn't too happy about this-he was a bit bummed.
  • The last few nights, we have been so full at bedtime that we haven't even had any ice cream. That just kind of makes me sad, but I sure don't want any now. I was stuffed from supper and then guzzling my water bottle just now. That was probably a bad decision and I will be up all night going to the bathroom!

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