June 11, 2020

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  • Another day around here-I do remember those early Covid days where we wouldn't do much except for school and playing a few games. Life is busy again which is back to normal, but things just aren't back to normal. So, so strange. 
  • I did sleep in a little bit longer this morning, but by 10 all of us where reading together. Then it was time to clean-and clean we did! This place is pretty spotless-if you are blind! Just kidding, it is much better, and everyone did work hard.
  • Robby and I did sneak off today to take a load of things to the salvage yard. The dump the other day did not fit the image of a dump that I have in my head. However, today's salvage yard visit was exactly what I had imagined. 
  • The other day Robby took load of stuff there and earned himself 9 dollars. Today we had a tiny bit and joked about not even going to the pay window. However, we sure couldn't pass up money so I did go to the window. We were shocked when the man handed me 3 dollars-Robby suggested that he hadn't seen a woman in a long while. I am not too sure about that since I was still wearing my pajamas.
  • We also ran to the gas station and Kroger. We ran into Kroger to pick up a few things-left with a completely full cart. Then it was to the chicken salad place-I missed a free meal there the other day since we were working, so I claimed it today. It was good, and I do love chicken salad, but I wouldn't have to go back.
  • Then we went to Lowes-a bought some paver stones. We loaded 60 of them onto the cart, loaded 60 of them into the car, and then placed 60 of them into the shed. I tell you that shed, is going to be so nice-now Robby can easily drive his tractor into it. We were so pleased with it, that Robby bought some pavers later in the day and even wants to buy some more for the patio area.
  • I took a break from outside work to dye Campbell's hair blue. Who doesn't want to dye their hair blue. I hope that it works-it looks really good now. However, after her shower (even with her hair in a shower cap) her back is blue! 
  • Whitman did go to his last swim lesson. He did so good-and would even apologize when he couldn't/didn't do what she had asked. The boy talked the entire time there and back! He told me all about the current games that he is playing on his ipad.
  • Back at home, Robby picked up drinks for the kids and the neighbors. I ran in to make a dessert, and soon called in Campbell, Zoey, Keaton and Whitman to ice some sugar cookies. They all did a great job, and we will have yummy and pretty cookies to eat this weekend.
  • The kids came in around 9, and I scrounged up some supper for them. I even made an egg sandwhich for Graham that I had seen on a cooking show last night. That did kind of make me feel like super mom. However, for supper, I did feed Robby a big bowl of ice cream which brought me back down to earth.

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