June 14, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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Robby and I kept taking turns waking up last night. He would get up and go to the bathroom so I would after him. Then I would get up and go to the bathroom and he would after me. Maybe I should cut down on my water drinking near bedtime! Other than that we did sleep well and I think that his shoulder didn't hurt as bad last night during the night.

Now, I did forget to write this down for my blog readers, but last night his shoulder and hand were bothering him so much that I had to cut his chicken for him. I mean, I knew that this day would happen, but it sure happened sooner than I thought! Seriously, I am trying to make him take it a bit easier plus a doctor's appointment is coming up soon hopefully.

Breakfast was at 8 this morning so I didn't have to get up as early. Whitman, who slept in our room, was the only one who woke up on his own. I had to wake up the girls and the big boys. I don't think that they stayed up as late last night as they did the night before, but they did stay up at least until 1 last night.

Breakfast today was bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, yogurt, more banana bread and juice. I think that we could definitely get used to eating like this. After breakfast we all started loading up and heading out. Campbell and Keaton rode with Grannymom and Grandpa on the way home.

The ride home wasn't too long at all. It was a wonderful few days away from the real world-it did remind us how much we really do miss traveling. Once at home, the kids helped unload the car. Soon everything was unloaded and most things were put away.

Robby and I soon headed to Lowes to pick up some more (and hopefully our last) pavers. Then we picked up the girls from Grannymom's house. Once at home, we didn't stop until the pavers were laid out. I tell you, there is nothing that makes me more tired than dealing with those heavy stones. I tried to do most of the lifting, but Robby did his fair share of shoveling rocks. The shed patio looks really nice now and is much easier to walk on.

I did sneak in to take a nap after that project was finishing. Robby continued adding peg board over his tool bench. The kids were all outside-they played with the neighbors. They played four square, soccer, and even some board games. 

Campbell and Keaton came in to make some cookies. They stayed inside until it was time for us to leave for the Wilson's house. They had pizza for our supper tonight. The kids played while the adults chatted. We stayed as long as we could, but the kids needed showers so we had to head home.

After showers, the kids all headed to bed. Surprisingly, Robby and I even skipped our nightly ice cream-that will make it taste so much better tomorrow night!

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