June 25, 2020

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  • Those dreaded words were heard last night: "(Insert any child's name here) just threw up." This time though it was Keaton downstairs waking us up. She is usually the one sick. Last night it was Whitman. 
  • It was around 2, but Reagan still seemed wide awake. She is usually the one who just tells Campbell that it is her turn to get us and lays in bed during all of the activity. Last night, she was trying to gather the soiled bedding when I opened the door. She had already gotten Whitman to the bathroom and was working on getting Keaton another spot to sleep by the time I left with Whitman. 
  • I slept pretty good, but did wake up each time that Whitman made any noises last night. He slept fine though and leaped into our bed at 6:30. If he climbed into our bed in the middle of the night, or anytime really, he climbs over me to get in the middle. He will not lay on the edge at all-it is like he needs the protection of both of us. That makes sense though because he piles his pillows into a wall at the edge of his bed each night.
  • The kids all slept in a bit this morning. It was nearly 9 when people starting stirring. Campbell and Keaton made chocolate chip pancakes. I started on my huge laundry pile. Then moved on to painting my kitchen window sill. I don't have the right paint, but any paint would be better than the way it looked!
  • At 1, I took Campbell and Keaton to Lily's birthday party. They were super excited about it-played with baby kittens, tie dyed a shirt and played in the water. Reagan drove us to drop them off, but then ended up going to the pool with Candice. She never wanted to go to the pool last year, but this year you can't keep her away.
  • Graham and I then ran to Nonna's house to drop off some meat for them. Their painter man was there so I watched him paint without taping anything. I sure can't do that at all despite all of my painting practice that I have received lately.
  • Robby and I went to work on our barn door building. We were able to cut most everything before I had to leave to take the boys' fishing. Graham had been asking for a while so I took him and Anderson down the road. 
  • Graham was the only one who caught a fish. Then his hook got caught in the fish-bless, he tried and tried to take the hook out. They both had fun and even asked if we could go back next week. The weather was pleasant so we might just go back soon.
  • Robby and Whitman picked up pizza for our supper. I ate quickly and then picked up the girls. Reagan had come home and left again-she went to a Bible study with Alyssa tonight. Quite a busy schedule she had today.
  • It was almost 10 when Robby and I finished our door. We still have to sand and stain it-but that is tomorrow's project! Right now it is bedtime.

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