June 8, 2020

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  • I didn't have too much on my list today and knew that I would be able to accomplish it all. As you can imagine, things didn't turn out quite like I had imagined that they would. It was a great day though. 
  • Robby was anxious to get up this morning because he wanted to be ready to watch the rain. We aren't usually big rain watchers but since we are working hard to solve our water issues ourselves, he wanted to see if what we had done helped any.
  • Before it did start raining, Anderson left to join Reagan, who had spent the night at Kennedy's house, along with the youth group to volunteer at a local church. They packed meals and did some other projects but finished in time for lots of free time.
  • Ms. Sara picked them up this afternoon and even bought them a Sonic drink on the way home, so they both were pretty pleased with their day out. Graham also spent the day and last night away. He was at Brett's house. Graham said that they stayed up until 2. I was pretty surprised by this because Graham gets tired so easily which is probably they reason that he slept until almost 10 (or at least that is what he told me!)
  • Back to this morning-Robby and I were anxiously awaiting the rain. Campbell and Keaton were watching with us. When the rain did come, I do think that the new sod helped the most. The ditch worked great and never overflowed as well. However, all of these new things did contribute to some crazy water rushing and pooling in the behind the sheds. That is all fine so even with rain from a tropical storm, we were still happy with our new drainage.
  • Robby and I spent the morning working on a set of shelves for the shed. We did make one mistake and have to take a few boards off. Campbell and Keaton would come out occasionally to check on us during the morning.
  • Once the shelves were up, I was quick to fill them up! I thought that I would then head inside and do some work...I was wrong. Robby was ready to build some more so we went to work on that set. 
  • We did have to run to Lowe's for more boards so we did that and picked up supper. And of course, when we got home we realized that we had bought the wrong things-ugh! We threw it all back in the car and hurried back to exchange it. It was no problem and soon we were home finishing the shelves. Even with all of this new shelves, there are still a few more things that I wish that we had room for. (There is still room for shelves around the top of a few areas which we may add someday.)
  • We worked until 10-the kids would come and visit us occasionally. We did eventually finish, tucked the kids in and then Robby had one more thing to make. It was midnight when we finished making a drill holder-who knew we were so talented? We were quite surprised ourselves. 

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