June 17, 2020

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  • Swim team this morning and gracious it is early. I did drop off the kids and ran to Kroger for a little bit of speed shopping. I am always impressed at how quickly I can fill a buggy and spend a hundred dollars. I was even back at the pool to see the kids finish their practice.
  • Whitman's little group worked hard on their backstrokes today. Whitman struggles with this, but I could tell that he has definitely improved. And the big 3 are enjoying it as well. When you walk into the pool, the fountains are off and it is so quiet and peaceful. Soon they all start swimming, and the water is splashing and it becomes incredibly loud.
  • When practice was over, we headed home, and I started on folding the laundry. I did work with the boys some while I folded-school work never seems to be over. Graham did finish his book that we are reading together today, but Whitman still has a ways to go on spelling. We will get there eventually though surely!
  • I was able to get quite a few things marked off the weekly list (I say "weekly" list because the "summer list" and "master list" don't get many things marked off of them lately.) I cleaned a cabinet, straightened the school room closet and even straightened my school desk.
  • Before too long, I was loaded up leaving again with Campbell and Reagan. They were the only two that wanted to go to the pool this time. It is odd to me that Whitman and Keaton did not want to go, and it was incredibly odd to me that Reagan did want to go. Children they just keep you on your toes!
  • It was a bit warm at the pool, but just as I thought about getting my feet wet (It wasn't warm enough for me to get in), there was a breeze. Robby stopped by on his way home from the dentist-no cavities for him.
  • After swimming, we came home for the evening. Reagan wasn't home for long because soon Wes was there to pick up her and Anderson for their church activities. They had a field night at Raymar and had a blast.
  • The other kids were left here waiting on the nearby church to bring by supper. And that they did-a full box full of food. We aren't really sure why they are doing it, but quite a few neighbors get them so we were super pleased not to have to cook anything!
  • The kids played outside most of the afternoon. The neighbors were out so they played until dark. At 9, Brett came over to play so they were super tired and super stinky at bedtime!
  • Yesterday and today as well, Reagan asked me if we were ever going to have a day that we weren't going to work together. I told her that we didn't yesterday, but ammended her request and asked if we were ever going to have a day that she can sleep in. I told her that tomorrow was swimming around 11 and the next day is berry picking at the crack of dawn-nope, there is no rest for the weary!

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