June 9, 2020

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  • This day was a bit slower than the past few days have been. I never sat down during the day, but I was busy all of the day long. After the laundry and dishes, I went out to help Robby in the shed with something. I don't even remember what it was right now!
  • Then I woke everyone up, and we headed to the church house. It was good to be back at church, but the different isn't so good. They had an event for kids today which I was working. The workers all had to wear masks, the kids had to set at ends of the table, we couldn't share supplies or even leave our rooms. Just different-they tried hard to make it a success, and the kids enjoyed it. However, I still long for church and all of the activities as they were before all of this virus stuff.
  • After church, we stopped by the library on the way home. I picked up some books while there and the kids picked up a free lunch or two or fifteen. The lady handed the kids 2 each and then she filled a whole bag with lunches.
  • The kids were delighted and went to town eating their goodies. I even ate a can of chicken salad from their lunch bags. I will say that it probably wasn't as good as the chicken salad that I missed out on Saturday since I was busy working, but it did kill hunger.
  • We weren't home for too long before it was time to leave for the pool. All of the group was there today so it was a full house. The kids enjoyed swimming-I almost had to get into the water and almost fell sound asleep as well! 
  • Oh, yes, I did lock my keys in the car today as I was unloaded. Urgh-yes, that is the second time that I have done that at the pool. Well, Keaton did it the first time. I just had too much to get out of the car and laid my keys down. Thankfully, Robby was able to drop off the spare keys!
  • I was only home after swimming for a few minutes, because I took Whitman to swim lessons. He is just doing two this summer-he just needs a bit of help swimming "fast and pretty." I figure any one on one attention won't hurt him nor will learning to swim just a little bit better! He did great and listened and obeyed.
  • When we came home, I started helping Robby in the garage and shed, and I also packed up some boxes for the Goodwill. Keaton made supper for everyone tonight-chicken. We seem to eat chicken every night lately! 
  • We were able to clean out the garage tonight. Not a huge clean out, but we did shove all of the stuff to one side so we can park in there tomorrow. The Wilson's came over tonight along with some cookies. We visited until it was time for the kids to head to bed!

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