June 4, 2020

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  • Whitman joined me in bed this morning and was soon back to sleep. I should have cuddled up with him and gone back to sleep. Instead, I made it to the floor and started helping Graham with his math.
  • While I was helping him, I saw Robby driving in the back yard-that meant that it was time to start work. It was steamy outside as we loaded up all of the old shed into the back of the trailer. And in case you were wondering-it was 3000 pounds of stuff that we loaded. No exaggeration-we have the ticket from the dump.
  • It took a while to neatly stack all of the stuff in the trailer. I was positive that we would have to take two trips, but we are good packers and filled that thing to the brim. We then headed to the dump-I had just seen a show where the family took a 2 hour trip, but it took them 5 hours since they had so many babies. We were something similar to that-we stopped at least 3 times before we were off of Lawson. 
  • After that we did press on and made it to the dump without any problems. I don't ever remember going to the dump, possibly when I was a little girl. It was a bit like I had imagined it would be-even smelled like I thought it would!
  • It only took us about 30 minutes to unstack everything and throw it off of the trailer. That was another 3000 pounds that we moved-we are at 6000 pounds right now. Since we were at the dump, we did decide to get some mulch. They loaded us with 1500 pounds of mulch which we came home and scooped almost all of it out of the trailer. 
  • You would have thought that moving 7000 pounds was enough for the day However, we also moved the shed and the 64 pavers that were underneath it. We moved each of those at least twice. The first time we moved them was when Wes was here today with his tractor. He dug a ditch for our water to drain along with leveling out some dirt on the other side of the shed.
  • Robby and I worked until after 9 tonight-we came in filthy, sweaty, tired and hungry. Too bad that wife around here didn't have a pan of enchiladas in the fridge or something yummy like that. No worries, there is ice cream so we will survive.
  • Now, if you are wondering what all our kids did today-well, I am not sure. Actually, there was lots of playing outside. Most of them were outside the entire day as well. Reagan was even outside by 11-that means that she woke up a whole 3 hours earlier today than yesterday.
  • There was laser tag happening, bike riding, taking walks, four square, soccer, basketball, cards and much more. It was a busy day at the Dennie house-right now everyone is waiting for me to go and tuck them in and it is nearly 11!

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