June 12, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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I could hear footsteps above us pretty early this morning. I think that everyone was very excited about our Dennie family trip. I know that I sure was-we have missed at least 3 trips so this was a welcome break from the real world. It had been so long since we have been anywhere that packing was a bit difficult to remember how to do it. Not really, packing is like riding a bike-it came right back to me.

A bit before 9, everyone was out of bed and ready to leave-except for Reagan. Robby called Grannymom real quick and soon our leave time was definite, and we had to hurry Reagan on. She got ready quickly, and we were soon loaded up.

Graham, Campbell and Keaton rode with Grannymom and Grandpa. Those three had been so exciting about riding with them. Our van full ran to Walmart to pick up Whitman some new tennis shoes. His shoe is large enough that all of the shoes are tie shoes in his size. He can tie, but it isn't quick so I was able to find him some no tie laces. 

Then we headed towards Humphrey. We did briefly stop at Keo to see Charlotte's pie shop-it wasn't open yet so we did miss out on pie! It didn't take long to arrive at the massive cabin. Grannymom and the kids were already here. 

We are staying at CrossHeirs Cabin-it is really nice. There are plenty of rooms for everyone, and the kids enjoyed exploring as soon as we arrived. There is frisbee golf, a volleyball court, horse shoes, and a lake down the way. At the lake there are canoes and kayaks that the kids have enjoyed floating in. 

We made it in time for lunch-taco salad. It was delicious though Whitman was a bit bummed that there wasn't just chips and cheese like when we have taco salad at home. After lunch, the kids spread out doing different things-Robby and I sat on the porch for a while before we headed to our room to take ourselves a little nap. 

I guess we were exhausted because we slept fo ra long,long time. We actually slept until almost supper time. Supper was roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls along with banana pudding. It was all very good-we ate up! And the sugar cookies that we made yesterday along with ooey goey is almost all finished off.

After supper, Campbell, Graham and Keaton did their skit. They all did very good. But bless, just a bit before supper I walked into my room and they were all three in tears upset at each other. I calmed them down, made them practice once and they all did perfect. 

Whitman read a poem that he wrote-Us (title), The moon shines bright, On a silver night, From oceans to mountains, We climbed the unclimbable, We swam the deep, We soared the sky, We made the jackhammer, We made the space shuttle, We did all these things, Yes, we did!-pretty impressive little poem.

There was a big cornhole game this evening despite the flies and mosquitos. After it got dark, we all came inside. Some of the kids showered while Whitman ate apple after apple! Eventually, we played our new Telestrations game. It is always fun seeing what everyone drew.

At dark, Dana drew a family tree and talked about her memories of everyone. That was very neat. When she finished that people started heading to bed, and all of the kids headed to the kitchen. The lady said that there was a banana pudding left in the fridge for a midnight snack, and those kids huddled around eat eating like they hadn't eaten in a while. 

It took a while to find my people and get them settled, but hopefully everyone will go to sleep at a decent hour!

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