June 27, 2020

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  • Ole swim team practice-gracious me. I am not too sure why we signed up for this. It is just early, and I am just tired. I hope that I do get a few days to sleep in before school starts again-or maybe I will have to start going to bed earlier. 
  • I had one quick errand during swim team. Now, I do wish that more stores were open at 8 in the morning, I could accomplish a few more things. I made it back to see the younger group swimming and getting timed. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all swam together during one of their strokes. 
  • After swim, we came home. Robby was working in the yard while I found a few things to do around the house. I may have possibly taken a short nap, but soon I was in the garage staining one final board for our door.
  • Around 2, we started hanging the barn door. Things went well-really, things went fairly well when the hung the door....all 3 times! Ha! Finding studs was a bit tedious, but then we had one board secured on the wall. 
  • The first time we the door was too low so we had to raise everything. The second time the door was almost perfect, but the wall that it was next to was crooked. That meant that the gap was small at the top and pretty big at the bottom. It would have worked since we can't really fix the wall, but we tried one more time.
  • This time we angled the track up just a tiny bit to hopefully over compensate for the crooked wall. We did this knowing that we could cause the track to be crooked which would make the door slide on its own. Thankfully, the door didn't slide, and it looks absolutely perfect.
  • We knew that making the door would be the easy part, and we also knew that hanging the door would be the difficult part. It wasn't too hard-though I just mainly held the tools that Robby wasn't using. The door is up, it is secure and it looks really good. 
  • Tonight Reagan asked what our next project was. Outside we have the gaga pit, but inside I am not sure what the next project is. I have to work on the door some more-touch up painting mostly. 
  • We had hung the door for the second time when we loaded up to go swim. Most of the crew was there tonight. The kids all had so much fun swimming tonight. Well, maybe not Whitman-he has just been struggling a bit lately. He gets so upset over the smallest things-they must be big to him because his reactions are huge. 
  • Robby picked up supper for us from Arbys. We devoured everything that he bought. We must have been starving. We stayed until the kicked us out of the pool-well, actually they closed for the evening. 
  • On the way home, Robby called and his car was stopping at Arby's to pick us up root beer floats. That was a perfect little treat for our drive home. And that probably gave us the energy to finish hanging the door! 
  • Tomorrow there will be no hanging of anything on the walls! Maybe there will even be a nap...or two!

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