June 6, 2020

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  • This morning I didn't start off working. I did start off by taking my swim teamers to practice. This year we have 4 swimmers-Whitman has joined Keaton, Campbell and Graham. Because of Covid, there will be no meets this year, but there will be practices and a shirt-what more could you ask for?
  • Whitman did have to try out to make the team by swimming across the pool. He did really super and joined the younger kids. He listened so well and did really good (most of the time-I did have to use his middle name twice.) 
  • Graham and Campbell didn't have to try out since they were swimming with the older kids last year. They both swim really great and faster than I would ever expect. Keaton did have to try out and when she finished her lap, they moved her up with the older kids.
  • After practice, we ran to Sams to pick up Robby's medicine. I also grabbed them some muffins to eat while on the way home. Robby had been to Home Depot during practice along with picking the trailer back up and getting a load of pea gravel.
  • That was the first of three loads of pea gravel that we got and spread out today. Robby has hurt his shoulder so I made it clear to the kids that they all would be helping today and that they did. Anderson and Graham worked super hard and scooped most of that gravel into the wheel barrow. 
  • Everyone, well everyone except for Whitman, helped outside today. Some had a more willing attitude than others. Graham did stick with us the longest and worked his tail off. Robby and I had to tell the boys multiple times not to get to hot or to take a break. 
  • It took most of the day, but we laid some more drainage pipe and spread out all of the gravel. This afternoon, we went to Lowes to pick up about 30 bags of drainage rocks. We then had to lay those rocks in our ditch with our fingers crossed that all of our drainage solutions (3 and counting) work and work well. We are also hoping that we will be able to see those drains working well when it rains this week.
  • When the kids weren't helping, they were playing outside. The neighbors were out most of the day long and Whitman even did a slip n slide with one of the neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, we also met the new neighbor lady who plans to buy the lot behind us.
  • Tonight Andrew came and picked up the trailer and dropped off a desk for Robby's workbench in the shed. It was a tiny bit larger than I had planned on, so we did have to move a few shelves around-well, the shelves aren't built yet so it wasn't that hard to move them around! I had to move them around on my drawings!
  • It was another crazy late night. At 11, I was tucking in the kids and had Campbell run to the garage to get my phone. She didn't come back and didn't come back. Finally I went to go and find her. She was sitting beside Robby's car with a flashlight. 
  • I was about to lose it when Robby explained that she was keeping her eye on a snake while he was grabbing a shovel. I had to move the car since the snake was hiding under the wheel. Reagan and Keaton ran out the back door to try to scare missing Campbell. 
  • Needless to say, by the time I made it to the fort to tuck the fort buddies, Graham and Whitman, in, they were almost asleep!

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