June 22, 2020

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  • I had to wake up Reagan and Anderson early this morning. That woke everyone else up as well-except for Graham. He was the last one to stumble down the stairs. Even though he was the last one, he did still hop in the car to ride with me to the church house.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to Second Chance Ranch to do some work today. It sounds like Reagan's group did some house cleaning while Anderson's group picked up the playground along with cleaning some vehicles. They also spent some time playing with some of the kids there.
  • After I dropped them off at church, Graham and I returned his original fishing pole to Walmart. Then we wandered around Academy and found a new rod and reel for him. Once he got it home, he immediately went to work on it. The line was initially tangled, but we think that we have that sorted out now. I already know more about fishing that I really care to!
  • Once back at home, my next project was helping Campbell and Keaton clean their desks. They share a tall table for their desk, and it was a super mess! It took about an hour to clean-I was there, but I was also texting someone during that time, so I was quite distracted.
  • After that, I made some lunches and finally did go to work painting my bench and chair from the front porch. I did go with the blue of the front door. They look really nice in the garage right now drying, so we will see if they look that good on the front porch.
  • Robby did run to Lowes this afternoon. He found some more wood that I need for my door-I can't wait to lay it all out and touch it! He did make a few other purchases as well-I think that we are going to become quite handy around here. 
  • The kids played outside a bit this afternoon. They did come outside briefly to get popsicles. Around 8, we did load up and go to the Wilsons' house. The kids played with the adults talked. Once we came home, Robby worked on some meat for him to smoke tomorrow. Then it was bedtime for this crew!

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