June 7, 2020

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  • I am not sure why but today when I could have slept a little bit late, I was up and going early. Robby slept better last night despite his bum shoulder so he was outside before time to get ready for church.
  • There were lots of folks at church today during the morning service. It was very hot again this week-lots of sun but there was a little bit of breeze so that did help. After it was over, the kids ran around for a little bit. Reagan even went home with Kennedy to spend the night over there.
  • On our way home from church we stopped by KFC. We rarely eat KFC, but gracious it smelled delicious and was delicious. I think that we were just starving despite it just being 11 in the morning!
  • After eating, we didn't stay inside for very long. Robby ran to get almost a pallet of sod. We unloaded it-well, the kids and Robby unloaded it. I just grabbed it out of the car and passed it to them so they laid it in the yard. 
  • There was also a few tiny projects along with cleaning the little shed floor and making new shelves for the little shed. Things continue to be marked off of the shed to-do list. We are getting there, and when that to-do list is finished, then I already have another list or two ready to go.
  • After we finished our work today, I did sneak in for a 30 minute nap. I am not sure why but since the covid mess, I haven't been able to have many Sunday naps. I am looking forward to that part of our routine to come back. 
  • At 5:30, we met the Crafts at the pool-they had to head back to church so it was Robby and I and 10 kids! It was just fine-and our people had a blast playing with them. Reagan will be disappointed to have missed out-I know that Maia was sad that she wasn't there.
  • We stayed until they closed the pool. Then I dropped off the Crafts at their house. Next, my wet people changed clothes, and we visited with the Wilsons for a little bit.
  • Of course we stayed out way too late. I am not sure if there is still a curfew or not, but we stayed out passed it. No one complained at all when we walked back in the house and it was bedtime. Graham actually stayed over at the Wilsons to spend the night. Anderson would have but he has something at church at 8:30 in the morning!

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