June 15, 2020

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  • Today was a perfect lazy summer day. I think that everyone here enjoyed our slow paced day-I certainly did. And it was a plus that I was able to mark everything off of my list.
  • The boys were the first ones awake, but soon Campbell and Keaton were downstairs as well. I folded my mounds of laundry while I read with Graham and Anderson.
  • Next up was spelling with Whitman. That is always a treat (sarcasm). Spelling is not his forte, but we will get it figured out...eventually. 
  • Keaton and Campbell were doing a bit of fussing, so we moved our work together time up and started our reading. I am not sure why I picked a 500 page book to read to the kids this summer. Everyone finds it super interesting, but gracious I am not sure that we will ever get finished with it.
  • Soon it was lunch time. Graham had a zoom call with the preteen guy. They were doing a scavenger hunt so Campbell and Keaton were helping him. It was pretty wild with them all running through the house. This was during the same time that I was helping Robby change front doors.
  • The first front door got cracked by a rock earlier last week. So we decided to take the old exterior door off and put it on the front. I will have to paint it to make it look better, but it will look nice. And since we moved that one door-do I now need a barn door? 
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly. There was some Lego working with Anderson. I also helped Reagan clean out her desk. She hadn't planned on doing it, but I decided to straighten and was shocked at everything she had shoved in her drawers.
  • Thankfully though Reagan is like me and threw away more than she kept. I could barely keep up going through her trash pile making sure that things weren't really trash. After I kept some things and gave some things to her sisters, we still have a huge trash bag full of trash.
  • The Craft middle girls came over while Campbell went to a birthday party. They played with Keaton and had a blast. Campbell certainly enjoyed the birthday party. It was a painting party so she came home with a neat painting of a popsicle.
  • I led Reagan's Bible study tonight-there were just 4 girls there (counting Reagan). I kept it super short since we watched a video. I can't compete with Priscilla Shirer so there was no reason to even try. She said all that needed to be said.
  • Robby and I sat outside and planned a few more projects until I had to come in and put up a tent. Keaton and Whitman are sleeping in a tent in the girls' bedroom while Graham is sleeping in a fort in the bonus room. Why do we have beds anyway?

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