June 10, 2020

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  • For our first swim team day, the kids were all awake and ready to go. Unfortunately, this did not happen today. I woke up Graham, who was sleeping in his floor, then tried to wake up Keaton and Whitman, who were sharing a bed. and finally went to Campbell's bed to wake her up. I had to repeat this process about 3 different times before I finally was sure that everyone was awake.
  • By that time, we just had about 10 minutes until it was time to leave. We zoomed on to the pool and made it in time. The weather was just freezing, but the kids didn't seem like they cared. I didn't stick around to see practice because I ran to Walmart.
  • I did some speed shopping-including buying Anderson a pink tshirt for his church thing tonight. Yes, when I was tucking him in last night, he asked about a pink shirt for tomorrow. Ugh, it did work out well since I had my early morning Walmart trip.
  • After swim, we came back home. I did a bit of work folding laundry and eventually read to all of the kids. This was the most normal morning (and even day) that we have had around here for a few months. Our list is still long, but everything on there can wait a bit!
  • There was even time for some chores this morning. My bathrooms are not decently clean-Robby even fixed one of our potties today-so if you need to come over and use the restroom, please do that now!
  • Around 1, the girls, Graham and I loaded up for the pool. It was still super chilly outside, but that didn't seem to stop the kids. They still enjoyed playing and mostly hanging out with their friends. 
  • Once at home, Campbell and I worked on some sugar cookies. Keaton and Graham helped some-we just made 2 recipes when we usually make 3 or 4, but we still will have quite a few cookies. Hopefully, we will have time to decorate them tomorrow.
  • If you remember yesterday, we ended up with lots of library free lunch meals. This evening, Graham was outside and came in with a huge box of food. The neighbors church passed out food each Wednesday night-and tonight we made their list. 
  • The box was filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes. warm mini corndogs, a mac and cheese box, rice krispy treats, fruit and chips. I am starting to get a complex about all of this free food that we have been getting the last few days!
  • Tonight Robby and I hang some lights on the outside of the shed. Reagan and Anderson had been at church-when Reagan came home, she saw the lights and said, "looks like a movie." Boom! I think that we should be done now!
  • We did ran to the Wilson's for a few minutes tonight before bed-Robby did just about fall asleep there though! 

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