June 5, 2020

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  • I waited this morning for Whitman, but he never showed up so I did get on up. Robby was outside about to push the little shed back into place so I hurried out to help him. 
  • As soon as I brushed my teeth I helped him for a bit. Then I did run into look for a hatchet-why is the hatchet inside? Because it lives with the camping stuff which I hope will some day live in the shed. 
  • While inside, I helped Graham with his math-he doesn't need any help but does need encouragement. After finding the hatchet, I was back outside until it was time to leave for the pool.
  • The excitement today was getting gutters. The gutter man brought his wife and daughter-the daughter quickly became Keaton's best buddy, and they ran around all day long together. They even discovered that they had the same birthday.
  • Everyone went to the pool today-and by everyone, I mean all of my people plus all of our buddies. That would be a total of 30 folks, and that would probably be why we did get in trouble for not social distancing!
  • It was hot enough that I even got into the pool today. Reagan drove home and did very well. She still gets a bit too close to the side of the road! I asked her if her palms were sweaty while driving-she said "no." Hers may not, but mine do.
  • I helped Robby with our concrete work today. Not that that little project is done, we are moving on the the next steps. I made a "shed to-do" list the other day and had about 20 things on it. We are getting there!
  • I did run to pick up a few pizzas for our supper. We ate at the Wilsons house. The kids had a blast playing outside. When they did come inside, we played a quick game before finally heading home. 
  • Tomorrow is the first swim team-which is at 8 in the morning. I am not sure why we signed up to do anything that early in the morning!

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