June 3, 2020

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  • I woke up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom. By the time I was finished, I thought that a bug had bitten me. Then I discovered bumps all over my body. It didn't take too long to decide that maybe it wasn't bed bugs as I was starting to suspect, and instead it was hives.
  • I am not sure if I was a bit allergic to something or if I am a bit stressed-either way it did take some benedryl and a super hot shower for me to go back to sleep last night. I felt pretty rested despite my lack of sleep. Whitman came into our room at 7, cuddled up by me and went back to sleep. He must have been exhausted because he then slept until almost 10.
  • He was not the only one who was exhausted because Reagan also slept late. Now she did sleep later than Whitman-until 2 when I woke her up.
  • Around 11, I loaded up Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and Graham for the pool. Whitman loves swimming and would stay in the water all day long. Graham so enjoyed playing with baby Gabriel again. 
  • We stayed two hours, and Sara asked if Campbell and Keaton wanted to stay with her and swim another hour. They did, so Graham, Whitman and I headed to the doctor so they could get another sample of Graham's blood. Graham was kind of dreading it, but it was over quickly, and the Sonic shake that I bought him afterwards sure did help.
  • Once at home, I started helping Robby with today's shed work. There is still more painting to be done, but that was not on today's agenda. We hung up all of the shovels and racks. Along with those we hung up some ladders and finished a few more shelves. 
  • This took most of the afternoon. Tomorrow is more shed work-possibly a dump run, a mulch run and a pea gravel run. That's a lot of running so I am not too sure if that will all happen. There is still touch up paint to be done along with sealer, then some shelf building, and drainage work and we will be done (hear the angels singing!) Hopefully, this project can be marked off of our list by next weekend.
  • Reagan and Anderson had church tonight. They said that it was a bit weird-they were outside and had to be a bit distant from each other. Imagine trying to keep youth apart. Ha! It may have been a bit weird, but they both said that they would go back.
  • We ran to pick up a trailer to borrow for a few days. While we were picking it up, Graham and Whitman played with the Ferguson boys. The church goers got home a bit after we made it home. 
  • The neighbors came out and played four square with the kids until 10. That made our showers last a bit long so it was another night of nearly 11 for bedtime! I bet my people will be sleepy again tomorrow-I will be!

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