June 13, 2020-Dennie Family Trip

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My alarm went off a bit early this morning so I could make the rounds and wake up all the kids for breakfast. My Graham was the only one awake. Anderson was easy to wake up, but I can't really say the same for anyone else.

I went into the girls' rooms twice before they were barely stirring. I could also tell that Whitman was sound asleep so I just carried him down the stairs, and he ended up on the couch. Everyone was awake in time for breakfast-sausage, bacon, eggs, gravy, biscuits and banana bread.

We ate up, and I really can't remember what all happened next. I do know that Robby went back to sleep, and I think that I did for a bit as well. He didn't sleep much last night because of his shoulder and has dozed all day long!

I know that I did play lots of games of pool this morning and afternoon. Everyone that played did improve, myself included. However, we are all still pretty bad at it so the games take forever! Around lunch time, we were pretty much all on the deck so Robby shared his memory-some different trip memories from when they were young. Whitman also wanted to get in on this story time, so he told a rather detailed (long) story including the names of many of his listeners.

Lunch was soon served which was white chicken chili, salad and panini sandwiches. Everything was very delicious, but Whitman's favorite was the strawberries while my Campbell went to town on the grapes. Keaton was tickled with the chili since it was also loaded with beans. I know that she had two bowls full.

Soon after lunch, Robby and I walked down to the pond. Most everyone ended up there. The mosquitos weren't too bad then, but it sure was hot. I believe that all of the kids had been in the kayaks yesterday, but Whitman had not had his turn. 

Everyone was good to wear their life jackets, and even with Whitman wearing his-we were a bit concerned. The boy took off like he had kayaked for years and soon was in the middle of the lake. We would call for him to come back, and he would seem to try only to turn right back around and go the opposite way. 

He was having a blast, but Graham eventually did have to tow him in. On his next turn, he would have been the only one on the pond, so I shoved Anderson, who was coming in for a break, back out to be on Whitman patrol.

This time they went further and even took longer to get back. Whitman had to stop and rest since he had been paddling so long. We did get tickled at how he got in and seemed to know what to do. Once we got him back on dry land, we walked back to the cabin. 

For the rest of the afternoon, there were more naps and more pool games. We also did some painting for a little bit. Right before supper, Josh played a few songs on the guitar, Les told an Acapulco memory and Jenna gave a short devotion.

Supper tonight was chicken, salad and rice. Dessert was chocolate bread pudding-it was all very good, but I would like some chocolate chip cookies or a good ole pan of brownies. I did have my fill of hot chocolate today-it isn't hot at all, but I never take the time to make hot chocolate at home. I would love to come back here in the fall and just sit on the porch and drink hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket.

After supper, some went fishing while some played a game of wiffle ball. The game was short, but I do believe that my team lost the game. When that was over, Anderson and Graham headed back to the lake to help the fishers. Graham did come back saying that he wanted a fishing pole. I guess we can do that, and they can fish down the road some. 

The mosquitos were sure biting tonight, so I was the first one to head inside. Not doing much all day is pretty tiring-it is just now 10 and I think that I am about to go to sleep!

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