June 21, 2020-Happy Father's Day!

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  • Campbell and Keaton were determined that I was not the only parent who would get breakfast in bed this year. They were ready to make Robby a Father's Day breakfast and deliver it to him early this morning.
  • I did get out of bed to help them-there were biscuits to cut, bacon to fry, gravy to make, sausage to cook, and eggs to scramble. It was quite a bit of work...actually, the biscuits were from a bag, the bacon was precooked, the gravy was from a can, the sausage was also precooked, but the eggs-we made the eggs.
  • Campbell and Keaton worked super hard on the breakfast. They did not want anyone else carrying the breakfast into Robby, who had already been outside spraying last night's burn pile, but they did want everyone to join them.
  • Robby was pleased with his cards, pictures and candy that he received. Once breakfast was cleaned, it was time to get ready and hurry to church. 
  • This Sunday we had the option of going back into the church house, but we still choose Raymar. We are enjoying seeing and visiting with our friends along with letting the kids run around after church, so we will continue with Raymar. We have gotten great reports about going back in the building, so I am excited for that day to come as well.
  • As we were unfolding our lawnchairs and getting ready for the service, Graham brought Robby his Father's day gift-a folding lawn chair. It is fancy dancy, and he has wanted one for a while. He was pleased and rocked throughout church. 
  • When church was over, we headed home. Robby pulled the grill out and made hot dogs and hamburgers for his lunch. After the kitchen was cleaned, I did take my Father's Day nap while Robby dug a ditch and worked like a dog.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a few minutes to deliver Anderson's pillow that Grannymom had sewn this afternoon. While they were there, the neighbors all came out so my kids stayed outside for the rest of the day and evening. 
  • Robby and I eventually headed out to run to the grocery store to buy a pork butt or 8. We will be ready if there is another meat shortage! Ha! Then we did mosey through Lowes like we could buy anything in the store. The goal was to buy lumber for my barn door-unfortunately, they didn't have everything that we needed.
  • I guess that was a good thing or we would still probably be up building a door! Robby did accurately say that we haven't really done anything to this house in 8 years so we are doing a bit of catch up. 

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