June 1, 2020

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  • I do believe that I have spent more time outside the last few weeks than I have in my entire life. Today I did sleep a little bit later than I probably should have-it is summer after all. Then pretty much as soon as I finished folding my batch of laundry, I headed outside.
  • My intent was to start painting, but I quickly found myself making diagrams along with laying out shovels and rakes to see how they would fit in the shed. I did all of that fun stuff for way to long while avoiding painting.
  • I did eventually get to painting. Possibly because of my many breaks during the day, the painting did take until almost 5. At one point, I did run inside to work with Whitman on his spelling for a little bit. While inside I did braid Reagan's hair, before she headed out to celebrate Sara's birthday for the night.
  • Nonna and Pops came over on their way to the plant place. They took Keaton, Campbell and Graham with them. Those three loved riding in the golf cart and even came home with a watermelon and spearmint plant for us.
  • This evening Robby and I went to Lowes for more boards (we hung plywood in front of the single door-that area is not referred to as Robby's smoke shack.) We also bought dirt and a hanging pot for my spearmint plant which is to keep wasps away.
  • I was really hoping that we were going to be able to hang a few shelves in our little shed, but alas we did run out of time. Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton all went with the Corser's to their church to fish in their pond. I believe that Campbell caught 7 fish while Anderson was in second place with 6 fish. Graham caught the least with just 1 fish, and Keaton was somewhere in between.
  • They were all out late tonight playing while Robby and I finished picking up from the day. The shed is coming along nicely-meanwhile, the house needs to be cleaned and my summer to do list isn't getting any shorter.
  • Robby and I ate our supper at 9:30 while most of the children ate when they came in at 10. Yep, these late summer nights are in full effect around here!

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