June 26, 2020

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  • I did sleep as late as I could this morning, but I was still awake before any of the kids. I started on the laundry mound but sound found my self working on spelling with Whitman. We are getting pretty close to finishing.
  • The next big event at the house this morning was the termite man coming by. We can officially say that we have termites. There has been a spot on the window molding that has looked like I banged it with my car door. I could never figure it out because my door really would never be close to hitting it. 
  • Anyway, the other day we started looking at it closer and you an just push your finger through it. I guess our termite money that we pay each year will come in handy. They will respray the house next week, but then the fixing people will come and work on the repair. Hopefully, the repair is an easy fix.
  • After he left, there were more chores in the house. I did finish repaint my kitchen window sill. I am perfectly pleased with it despite the different trim color. Robby did say that he figured I would eventually paint all of my cabinets to match. I was honestly tempted to paint the kitchen door today, but that would have led to the baseboards which would have eventually met those cabinets. I sure want my cabinets painted, but I think that they need more than just a fresh coat of paint-they need a match!
  • Around lunch, I went to work on sanding my barn door. Then I used the saw to cut out a few things for my kids' teachers' Christmas gifts. Campbell and Keaton both found some scraps that they wanted and went to town painting.
  • This afternoon/evening Robby and I ran to Kroger to pick up the sale items that we needed. Then we ran into Lowes to buy stain for the door. I thought that maybe I would have 5 stain choices and was quite overwhelmed with the 20 or so that I had. While Robby was loading up his cart with other things, I moved a few of my choices together. Robby picked one color from the list and I found a similar color from my choices.
  • I was a bit doubtful of our color choice, but it was absolutely beautiful. Or at least I thought so, and Robby agreed. Now, Graham and Reagan both kind of made faces as the barn door when we moved it into the house tonight. Children!
  • Reagan spent most of her day making bracelets, while Anderson spent most of his day playing on the xbox with a friend from church. Graham was pretty bored today since the neighbors didn't come out-well, they did but only for a bit. 
  • This evening I made a blueberry pound cake. I normally wouldn't eat or make a blueberry cake, but it was delicious. Shannon came over to help us enjoy our cake. Graham did like my cake, but Campbell was the only other one who even tried it! Children! Ha! That is fine because that just means more for us. 

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