June 18, 2020

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  • I slept in a little bit later this morning than I probably should have. However, I was still able to get my laundry and dishes finished before it was time to load up for the pool. 
  • The pool was pretty crazy today. It was full, full-it probably didn't help any that we were there with 20 of our closest friends. Brett came with us so the big boys enjoyed playing with him. Whitman, however, was sour! He had to share a tube with Campbell, and the big boys tipped him over in the tube. It was a rough swim day for him, but he did feel better when I let him have a second drink on the way home!
  • After swimming, I was just home for a very little bit before I left for the pregnancy center. I spent my entire time there bagging up diapers to give away. Keaton said that she spent her entire time while I was gone outside. I am not sure about that, but when I did come home, bearing ChickFilA (we have some free sandwiches expiring), everyone was outside.
  • The kids played outside with the neighbors until 9 tonight. They busied themselves with tether ball, 4 square, soccer and who knows what else. Campbell and Keaton even sat in Robby's shed and watched some tv. Yep, we are fancy with tvs in our shed and garage. Bless!
  • Robby and I stayed busy going through the garage. We have about 3 more nights of cleaning of the garage. Tonight was the hardest, but it is looking quite empty in there now. I do get a thrill when I throw something away-that is probably not a good thing at all!
  • After having tummy aches the last two nights, I had decided that I wouldn't eat any ice cream tonight before bed. Except, I am just like my grandmother who would eat even though she knew it would make her sick. So I did have a tiny little bowl right before the kids went to bed. Hopefully, it won't upset my tummy too much-but if it does, it was worth it!

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