June 29, 2020

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  • Oh, what a wonderful rainy day. I do love rainy days, and I think that my kids enjoy rainy days as well. Whitman climbed in our bed fairly early this morning. It actually wasn't that early, but there wasn't anyone else awake so Whitman sure wasn't going to go in the living room alone.
  • When the morning started, my first task was making black beans for supper tonight. My beans took all day long to cook. I didn't turn them up high enough at first so they did take longer than planned. That was fine though so they just simmered all day long-and I will say that they were pretty good for my first real time at making dried beans (I know, I'm 40 something years old and have never made dried beans.)
  • I worked with Whitman this morning while Campbell and Keaton did their little school work. We are doing a bit this summer, but our break is so, so nice. Fairly early this morning, Robby did help me make some cookies for tonight.
  • Before I knew it, it was already lunch time. The plan had been to go to the pool today at 1 and then at 3, but the rain didn't stop so there was no pool. We did have some excitement though. Robby was working outside on the shed patio (also known as the smoke shack.) I went out and pointed out that the ditch was overflowing. 
  • Robby jumped up and grabbed his shovel to flatten out the rocks. (He had added some since the last rainfall.) At this time the rain was pouring down. He quickly fixed the rocks, and the water started flowing down the ditch and all was well again. Water safety measure #2 (the ditch) did briefly fail, but the others worked well.
  • A few minutes later, Robby had to run inside the house for a conference call. Before I knew it, he was back outside telling me that he lost an air pod (one of his earphone things). We only imagined where it would be-flowing down the ditch. He had to take the call so I was just about to don a raincoat and start searching. It was a crazy few minutes, but thankfully Robby found the missing ear thing in the house, and all was well again.
  • Anderson and I did work on some Lego's today. We didn't get very far today since almost every piece was hiding from us. Between rain storms I did run to Sara's to drop off some chairs. 
  • Tonight our life group said goodbye to the Hamblins. Kim and her family are moving to Kentucky so we had a celebration for them. There was lots of food and lots of kiddos! My kids had so much fun that Whitman fell asleep on the short ride home!

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