June 20, 2020

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  • Swim team this morning. Robby went to the bonus room to wake Graham up while I went to the girls' room to wake up Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Whitman is now sleeping in a tent with Keaton in the middle of the girls' room. I didn't have much trouble waking up Campbell since she was already awake and trying to wake up Keaton. I did have to wake Whitman up. Once he got downstairs to my bed, he was asleep again.
  • I ran errands while they were at swim practice. When I did return, I had a few minutes to watch. The first time they did the time Campbell beat Graham in the back stoke. Today however, he beat her by one tenth of a second. He was super pleased with himself. 
  • Whitman's group worked on diving. One little boy even came up to him as we were leaving and said, "I liked your dive." Aww, then Whitman told me how easy it was to make a friend. 
  • We did stop by Sonic on the way home to reward these hard working swimmers. As soon as I did make it home, I went right to work. 
  • Robby was already burning and mowing. I started finishing staining what I could reach on the wood by the porch. Then I moved on to painting the front door blue. When I bought the paint this morning, I had a few choices and then even let the worker lady pick out my color! Ha! I do trust her since I have bought a zillion gallons of paint from her over the corana days.
  • After I painted the door, I worked on the trim around the door. This pretty much took all day for us. When it did start raining, we picked up all of our stuff and headed in. 
  • That is when I went to work pulling out school for next year. I was able to do 4 of the kids school work-it is just a lot of work! 
  • The kids were outside and inside most of the day long. The neighbors didn't come out to play until around 8. When they did all come out, everyone played until nearly 10. Reagan waited until about 9:30 to go out!
  • From 4:30 until about 7, Graham and I were in the kitchen tonight. He wanted to make quiche-we didn't have a pie crust and we didn't have whipping cream so we had to do some extra work. Making the pie crust took quite a while-make it, chill it, roll it, chill it, bake it, bake it more, egg wash it, bake it again. I definitely see why people buy their pie crusts.
  • After that silly crust was made, it didn't take anytime at all to make the quiche despite having to make our own whipping cream. I am not really sure why Graham wanted to make quiche, but it was very good. He was pleased and at least one sibling told him that it was better than Grannymom's quiche!

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