August 10, 2020

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  • It took my a long while tonight to figure our why my silly alarm hasn't been ringing in the mornings. I did figure it out so hopefully tomorrow I will get up on time. I had lots of things to mark off of my list today, and unfortunately, I didn't get much of anything done.
  • We did finish a full day of school. Everyone did well, and things went smoothly. Keaton continues taking a long while to finish, but man 3rd grade is harder here. Whitman is still the last one-he has done really well so far, so hopefully he will continue to get his work finished. Today he was lucky since his math was just measuring inches!
  • After school was over, we ate our lunch. Campbell and Graham both asked about going to the pool. I explained that we weren't going. I added that I only saw one family on our text string going so I declared that we would skip.
  • A bit later, Reagan asked if we were going because everyone else was already there. I re-checked my phone and had missed most of the texts about the pool. Everyone was just arriving, so we threw everything and everyone in the car and headed that way.
  • The kids all had fun at the pool. When we left, Robby picked up everyone but Reagan so we could head shopping. Our first stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a list of things that I wanted to get there and I struck out. We didn't find a thing!
  • Our next stop was Hobby Lobby. Reagan did find a shirt there, and I bought one more thing. I left a bit frustrated-I can't seem to mark things off of any list today-my to-do list or even my shopping list! There is always tomorrow.
  • After we made it home, I worked with Robby in the front yard. The big pile (not the massive pile) of branches is not gone. I did some work, but Anderson had to take my place when I took the swim teamers to their swim team party tonight.
  • The party was fun-the kids were diving and jumping and swimming. Well, one child probably should not have done the splits while jumping off of the diving board. Graham came to me with a rip in the front of his pants. Ha! I checked the car-no clothes. I had him try on a pair of trunks from the lost and found-too small. I called Robby who wisely said go to Walmart. Graham jumped into the car, and we zoomed off.
  • I practically ran through Walmart, grabbed a suit, threw money at the cashier (not really, I went through self checkout) and hustled back to the car. When I did get back to the car, Graham asked if I had run so I guess that I did move pretty quickly.
  • I then flew back to the pool, and he didn't miss much party at all. They had popsicles and Sprite for the kids so they certainly enjoyed having multiple popsicles! It was a super good swim team year, but I am glad that it is over!
  • After the party, we ran home for a few minutes for them to put on dry clothes-meanwhile I am still wearing my bathing suit from earlier today. Then it was off to the Wilson's house for a few cookies before bedtime. 

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