August 16, 2020-Longpool

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I was another good night of sleeping in the camper-and it is always a good thing not to see the grey tank laying on the ground in the morning time as well.  It didn't really rain as much as we had thought that it was going to, so things weren't too wet this morning.

Though as the storm as coming, we piled chairs and tables and everything else under the tent. Robby wisely grabbed the rug so we wouldn't have to deal with that being wet early in the morning. He was the first one awake this morning and was soon followed outside by Campbell and Keaton.

I was close behind them. Soon breakfast was pulled out-today's smorgasbord included powdered doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts, pecan twirls and honey buns. Who could ask for anything more? This breakfast even soon woke up the big girls who were sleeping soundly.

People seemed to migrate to our camper all weekend long which was wonderful. It didn't take too long for our picnic table to fill up first with kids and later with adults. We would load a few things every little bit. I would run in to put a few things away but still made plenty of time to visit.

At one point, I swept the floor with at least 10 kids still in the camper. I am not sure how productive that sweeping really was with all of those feet still inside! It was nearly 1 when we pulled out. Our first stop was at the dump station.

Robby did the deed, and then rinsed the tank out. Casey pulled his rig behind ours and waited while we did this. He ended up following us home just in case we needed anything-remember that silly ole grey tank! 

As soon as we pulled out of the dump station, I went to the back to make lunch. Let me tell you, I felt like a stewardess in a Nascar race. It took all I had to stand up while Robby was flying up and down and left and right on the road. Now, in his defense he did say that what he was driving in was similar to the pig trail. 

Maybe I don't have my sea legs or my camper legs yet, but it was difficult. Now, I didn't make lunch to easy since the people had lots of choices-ham or turkey; croissant, bread or tortilla; pepper jack, American, colby jack, or swiss. Noah, who was also riding home with us, said that it was like a restaurant.

It didn't take long at all to make it home-we did stop for gas on the way home. When we pulled into the driveway, Robby and I told the kids that they could go in for a while. We worked on moving cars, looking at the electrical work that was done and leveling the camper.

Then I called the kids back to help unload. It just took them about 2 or 3 trips each and the thing was all unloaded. Campbell and Keaton had rode home with the Crafts, but I did have Camryn and Noah who worked in their place.

Robby and I did work for a bit longer, but eventually ended up inside. Sara had come to pick up Noah so we only had one extra kid, so I felt like I could take a nap! I snoozed until we went to pick up the girls. Then we rushed back home to grab supper-so glad that I had lots of extra food left over from the camping trip. 

Then we went to the Wilson's house for our Sunday night meal. We had a decent leftover Mexican spread. The kids ate and then went upstairs and finally outside to play. The grown ups talked and as always we probably stayed out too late since we still had to take Camryn home.

After dropping her off, we started urging the kids to go to bed. It took a while to get everyone in bed. I guess that they were quiet-Robby and I wouldn't know because we headed to the camper to make our bed with clean sheets. We also put clean pillowcases on all of the pillows in the camper-10! That is quite a lot of pillows. It took a good minute or two.

There is just one load of laundry in the dry, one has been folded and three are in the floor of my bedroom waiting to be folded. It was a super fun trip-my kids had a blast and Robby and I did as well. We would definitely repeat this trip-even though I am about to class my ankle off scratching my mosquito bites. 


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