August 14, 2020-Longpool

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I can’t really explain how wonderful waking up to the pitter patter of rain was last night. It was nice, until the pitter patter became a thud, thud. The rain was pretty intense along with some lightening. 

I guess all of us woke up at some point during the storms because we were awake around 5. Robby went to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom. We had just gotten settled back into bed when we heard a thud. I thought that it was Anderson falling off of the top bunk. Instead we then heard Campbell’s voice say, “there’s a step there.” 

She had missed a step on the way to the bathroom. She bounced right up, did her business and soon we were all sound asleep again. I was a bit worried that people would be wanting to go swimming at 8 this morning. 

However, my crew was still sound asleep until well after 9. When we did get up, things were pretty soggy outside-at least the ground was. The chairs were all under the tent so they stayed dry. 

Robby fired up the griddle and started frying bacon. Soon I had pancake mix ready for him. We had another great breakfast this morning. It was a lot of fun serving all of the kids pancakes-not only our kids ate, but by the time that we were done, most all of the kids that were nearby had also had a small pancake.

It took us all a good while to clean up after breakfast, but we also stopped to sit and chat for a while. There was the blowing up of the tubes plus everyone had to find water shoes. Bless though, my water shoe stash is pretty low. Most folks had to resort to wearing the free shoes that we were given while at Niagara Falls. By the time that we had left camp, Graham had already broken his. I had thankfully thrown in some spares though.

It was a short little walk to the swimming area. There were two main attractions for the kids-first there was the rocks that the kids could jump off of. They are probably about 15 feet in the air. Because of those rocks and climbing those rocks, everyone has to wear their life jackets. So that made for a pleasant day for me-no worrying about people. Well, not too much worrying about people.

Also as the river left the pool area, there were some rapids that the kids could float down. They enjoyed doing that over and over again. Since we didn’t get down there until after 11 we probably stayed and played until after 1:30 or 2. 

Then we came back to the camper for some lunch. By this time the Fergusons had arrived and pulled in beside us. They had already unloaded and had their lunch. The kids all spent time playing and were completely content for a long while after lunch.

We did eventually go back down to the water. Past the little rapids were some big rapids that the big kids went down with Wes and Andrew. I do think that they enjoyed it, but they weren’t too convinced that they wanted to do it again when they finally came back.

It was after 5 when we finally came back from the water. This time the Kamps had arrived to join our party. Whitman was probably the most tired because he had to work hard keeping up with the big kids today. Also his life jacket rubbed under his chin so he wasn’t too pleased about that. When he was little his life jacket would rub under his chin. He would always have a spot there in the summer and it took forever for me to figure out what it was caused from. I did doctor it up tonight so hopefully it will be better in the morning.

Robby again went to town on the grill tonight. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. They took a little bit of time to cook but were worth the wait. I do believe that most everyone had hot dogs and hamburgers tonight at their own campsites. 

The kids seem to be hanging out at our campsite, so it was quite full most of the evening long. If our picnic table wasn’t full of kids than inside our camper was full of kids. We only left our site to go to the Fergusons’ spot to make s’mores.

Everyone loved this. I guess having s’mores will be something that we do every time that we go anywhere in the camper. It is just a non-negotiable. Pretty much everyone stayed outside until 10 with just a few smaller kids going in for showers or bed. 

After 10, most adults migrated to their spots. The Fergusons came back out after they put their kids in bed and stayed and chatted with us until after 11. The kids were all going strong up until them. I could see Campbell getting her bed ready-I know that all of the kids are super tired tonight. They played hard today. 

Once it was finally bedtime, everyone seemed to quieten down really quickly. Since there is no wifi here, Robby doesn’t have anything to look at on his phone so he was asleep before I finished the blog.

Overall, it was a really good day. I had my expectations set pretty low for a day around the water, but I know that my kids had a good time and so did I. I can even say that it was a good day despite Robby’s words as it was almost bedtime, “I think we have a problem.” We do indeed have a problem, but that is tomorrow’s problem.

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