August 6, 2020-First Camper Adventure! Lake Maumelle

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  • The morning didn't start as I wanted it to. I woke up to Robby asking if I had set my alarm. I had set my alarm, but it never ran out loud-ugh. I was so frustrated which wasn't a great start to the morning. Thankfully, the kids all woke up well, and school at least started well.
  • Graham had a bit of a hiccup on some of his work. He was so frustrated when summarizing something was hard for him. He eventually recovered, and we finished school early since this was the 4th day of school meaning that we didn't have to do spelling today.
  • While I was working on school some, I also was trying to load a few last minute things into the camper. I will say that hope that every time we go somewhere we don't have to work this hard. We should have most things in it now and ready to go.
  • We had our lunches and even did a bit of house work. I am not really sure what I did all afternoon. I will say that I spent way to long sweeping the kitchen floor. I think that I had not swept in at least a few days. 
  • We waited as long as we could for one last package delivery-the delivery folks are here a lot these days. Oh, speaking of delivery-we had our groceries delivered today. The service was free for a month, so that was a fun treat. I think that we might could get used to having things delivered. I would probably spend a lot less.
  • Graham was waiting on straps for the hammock-they came around 6 or 7, but we had already pulled out a bit before 5. We drove right to Maumelle Park-Robby drove the camper while I drove my car. Anderson and Graham rode with me-I am not really sure why they didn't want to ride in the camper. I drove since this weekend we have a few other activities to get to.
  • Our first camper excitement was the dump station. This was a new experience for Robby. He had read up on it-even had a dry run, but nothing can compare you for the first look at poop! Ha! Funny thing was it wouldn't go down the hose. We almost started the panic-until he realized that he new fancy tank cleaner outer was in the closed position. Once it was open, everything worked perfectly. The water flowed out clear by the time that he was done! It may have been clear, but we still all lathered up before driving on.
  • We found our spot, and I helped Robby back in. I think that this spot might have been a bit difficult to back in to-very narrow with high edges plus very long. It took a little bit but no foul words were uttered-actually it wasn't too bad at all.
  • Robby worked on hoses while the rest of us worked on setting up camp. We did it like we have done it a thousand times before. There aren't many people right here by us. The next camp site which would be right next to us was empty tonight.
  • We watched a bit of tv outside while eating popsicles-who doesn't camp with a freezer full of popsicles? Once the popsicles were gone, we walked around for a little bit. It is quite fun looking at everyone elses' rides now that we have a camper too.
  • Once we made it back, Robby and I started on supper-English muffin pizzas. Campbell and Keaton helped me sprinkle the cheese and put on toppings while Robby worked on trying to light the oven. We probably should have tried that before heading off on our adventure. It took phoning a friend and a few youtube videos before he figured it out. 
  • Once he did, we stuck the pizzas in. It didn't take long for them to cook, and soon we were outside eating our supper. After supper, we turned on a movie to watch. Despite bug spray and citronella candles, the bugs did eventually run us inside to finish the movie.
  • Some folks took showers while the rest of us enjoyed s'mores from the microwave. There were a few people on our walk that had fires going, but we thought that it was still a bit warm for a fire even though it was pleasant out tonight.
  • S'mores and our few showers seemed to take quite a while, plus the movie that I had picked for tonight never seemed to end. We finally had to stop it. The book was really good, but the movie was a flop! (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).
  • Around 11:30 as we were starting to bed down, the rain came. It wasn't much at all, but oh it was wonderful. The little pitter patter of rain was delightful as I laid in bed tonight and worked on the blog. 
  • Overall, it was a pretty successful day. We had lots of fun on our first night camping! Hopefully tomorrow will go just as smoothly.

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