August 3, 2020-First Day of School!

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  • I just read that last year we started our first day of school at 9 in the morning. That would have been a good idea today, but since I was up early I started even earlier than I had planned. It was about 8:30 when I gathered the crew to begin school for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Graham (now in the 7th grade) was up early and finished early because he knew that he had a big day ahead of him. His friend Chase came and picked him up this morning. They grabbed food from ChickFilA for lunch, played video games, played a card game and even had time to play outside. 
  • Reagan (a new freshman in high school) had a lighter load today. I had forgotten to order one of her subjects so hopefully that will come late this week. Plus she hasn't started her 2 co-op classes, and also we haven't heard about her Spanish class. 
  • Anderson (now in the 8th grade) usually takes a while on his school work, but today he was super speedy. I am sure that he will slow down a bit, but today was a lot of reading that he was able to breeze through it.
  • Campbell (a new 5th grader) did well in her school work too. She finished at a fairly decent time without any drama!
  • Keaton (now in the 3rd grade) took longer than usual on her school. Second grade didn't take her long at all, but there is a big leap on the amount of school work in the 3rd grade so it did catch up with her today. She will eventually figure it all out though and finish quicker.
  • And Whitman ( a new 2nd grader) did so well today. He was finished by 12:30 which is super great for him especially since he has gotten used to now having a lot of school work to do each day this summer.
  • Overall, it was a really great first day of school. Hopefully tomorrow turns out just as well. After school was over, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I went to the pool for a little bit. The weather was fairly chilly to me at least. The kids enjoyed it, and we even stayed longer than our allotted 2 hours.  
  • When we came home, I quickly worked on freezing some breakfast burritos for the boys. This ended up being our supper. Robby had smoked a butt for some friends so we had to control ourselves to not eat their meat!
  • Robby and I did find time to run to Lowes to pick up a few things tonight before coming home to bake a few cookies. The Wilson fam came over-the kids stayed in the kitchen eating dozens of cookies while the adults did some chatting too! 
  • We stayed up too late for it being the second day of school tomorrow!

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