August 15, 2020-Longpool

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We all slept incredible well last night. I was a bit afraid that he might have trouble sleeping after discovering our problem. However, he was asleep before I was, and we all slept well. I knew that Robby was awake already and assumed that he was in the bathroom. After waiting and waiting for the longest time, I finally knocked on the door because the bathhouse bathroom was my next stop.

He wasn't even in the bathroom. He had already chatted with the guys, and they had a plan for the problem. We went ahead and started on our breakfast-sausage, eggs and biscuits were on the menu for today. We are pretty good at the breakfast cooking around here-or maybe I should say that Robby is pretty good at the breakfast cooking.

The kids started playing and did a bit of getting ready while the men folk went to work. Last night as Robby went to empty the grey tank into the woods, he was quick to notice that the grey tank was no longer attached to the camper and the pipe connecting to tank had broken. This was no good at all! 

I do believe that Robby slept so well because he knew that God completely took care of things-that grey tank could have fallen off in the middle of the road, but instead it happened at the perfect place with lots of people around to help.

I am not sure exactly what Aaron, Andrew, Casey and Wes helped with, but they all helped and all had something that we needed in the fix-blocks, tools, jacks. As of right now, the tank is more secure than it was before, and we should be fine to drive home. They still plan to reinforce it later. We will need a plumber to work on one connection, but until then things are working with just a slight drip. 

When they got close to finishing up, we walked to the water-It seems so long ago, but I do believe that Traci and I were the only adults taking the gaggle of children. The Kamps had brought all off their kayaks, so the kids enjoyed playing on them along with going down the little rapids.

It wasn’t too early when we went to the river so we came back after a few hours for our lunch. Today we had ham and cheese croissants-they were pretty delicious. After our lunch break, most fo the folks took off with the Kamps and Candice in the kayaks and tubes for a 5 mile float.

Reagan, Camryn, Anderson and Graham all went with the crew. They had lots of fun floating and all came back a bit sunburned. I heard that they found a rope swing. Anderson said that his kayak flipped at least once, but they did all come back with everyone and most everything they left with. We did somehow end up with one less life jacket which is odd since all of them were wearing them at all times. 

The rest of the kids were with the rest of the adults at the river. Most of them went down the “big rapids” which was a set of rapids further down the stream. They had to work pretty hard to get there and then work really hard to get back. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were in this group along with Robby. 

We stayed out swimming until the sun was behind the rocks-around 5 or 6. Since there has been no cell phone service out here, our phones will randomly change the times making it difficult for us to really know what time it is. 

We did bribe all of the kids to come back for popsicles so they were mostly willing to come back. It didn’t take long for all of us to clean up and wait for the kayakers to come back. We assumed that they should be back by 7 at the earlier, so at 7:30 Wes went out to look for them on the scooter. 

He had just been gone a little bit when he returned behind them. It was nearly 8 when the group supper was ready and being service. Everyone had brought parts for the supper-we had cooked 10 pounds of taco meat. Because our crock pot would only hold about 3/4ths of that, we just served that much. We still had leftovers so I am sure that tacos are in our near supper future.

The kids were watching a movie outside, the adults happily talking, and Robby making popcorn for everyone when we first noticed the lightening. We watched it for a while before we all kicked it up into high gear. People were throwing chairs under the tent, packing up food and grabbing small children by the hand. 

It probably wasn’t that dramatic, but we were all working quickly to get things put a way. I do think that most everything is put a way or at least put where it will stay dry. We were shoving things in the camper and under the tent. It was quite a sight to see. I was a bit disappointed that our last night here was cut short by the rain. I think that the adults would have been able to chat quite a bit tonight if it were not for the rain. 

Alyssa and Noah did come to our camper during the storm and hung out with our kiddos. They stayed until almost 11. Andrew did come over twice-once to borrow the fan and once to borrow an adult movie. Ha! Robby and I could not contain our laughter as he tried to explain that he wasn’t interested in that type of movie.

It was almost midnight when we did get the crew into bed. They were pretty worn out tonight. When Reagan woke up this morning, she said that she felt old! We told her just to wait a few years!

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