August 5, 2020

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  • Today's school wasn't as smooth as yesterday, but we all finished and all survived. This was the last Wednesday for the kids' swim team. I took the swimmers to the pool, and then ran to Walmart. 
  • I did really well on my list while I was speeding through the store. However, when I made it back to the car, I started marking things off of my list only to realize that my phone was full of other things that I could have picked up as well.
  • There was no time to continue my shopping, since practice was almost over. I hurried to the pool, grabbed the kids and then sat in the car for a long while making my Chick Fil A order. We had a free sandwich so we redeemed that today-of course that free sandwich cost us the price of 3 other breakfast sandwiches. 
  • When we did get home, the tree men were there cutting down branches and trees. It was quite interesting so Campbell and Keaton spent a good deal of time at the window watching the trees falling.
  • Our morning caused us to get a late start on school. Anderson actually did get on up and start on his school work. He was probably the first one finished today. We did skip our together reading, so we really shouldn't have been that delayed. However, it was still after 12:30 when I finally stopped school. I had not even worked with Keaton yet, but we knocked that out quickly this evening.
  • We bought the camper home this afternoon. As soon as that trip was finished, I loaded up my little 4, and we headed to the pool. I didn't make the bigs go because they had church tonight so at least they had some activity during the day.
  • We had fun at the pool, and the kids enjoyed playing with their friends. We did have the pool boss lady come up to us and ask if we had any guests with us. I guess 3 moms and 15 kids looked odd-but what was odd was her asking us that question. We have to sign in so if we had guests then she would be able to see-I believe that we are on the naughty list at the pool!
  • After the pool, the kids helped unload the car. Keaton and I did her school and finished right before the bigs went to their last Collide of the season. Then it was time to load up the camper-I just thought that I had loaded it down. I stuffed and stuffed and stuffed some more stuff in it. It is full to the brim-well, it may seem like it, but there are still plenty of extra drawers and spots for lots more things. 
  • We worked on this until almost 9. Then I went to work on straightening my attic so I could shove the huge shipment of paper products that Robby received today. We will never run out of paper plates-never ever!
  • Reagan's group had a party after Collide, so she came home after Anderson. She had a good time, but as soon as she did get home it was bedtime for the crew.

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