August 7, 2020-First Camper Adventure! Lake Maumelle

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  • Oh, we did sleep so well last night with that rain pitter patterring on the roof. Robby rarely sleeps late these days, but hew as sound asleep until 8 this morning along with the rest of us. It was some good sleeping in our little camper.
  • When we did start stirring, it took me about 30 minutes to fold up all of our blankets. It wasn't really that long, but it did take a while. We will have to figure our some of our storage issues-for example: the blankets go under Reagan's bed. So this morning as people started waking and I started folding, can you guess who was sound asleep and had no intentions of moving so I could do some straightening? Yep, Reagan. So I need to find a better spot to put my blankets!
  • It didn't take us long at all to stir up some pancake mix and fire up the griddle outside. Chocolate chip pancakes were soon served! Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a little bit-they even had some pancakes with us.
  • After we ate and cleaned up breakfast, we went for a walk around the campground. There is a short little wooded trail behind us that we walked along before walking to the river. It wasn't too warm today surprisingly. The walk was pleasant especially in the shade.
  • We made it back around noon. The first item on our agenda was leveling the camper. When we pulled in yesterday, we didn't think about leveling it at all. When water didn't drain out of the shower, we realized we weren't that level. It didn't take long at all to level this baby (though automatic levelers would be pretty awesome-our little orange blocks worked just fine.)
  • We made sandwiches for lunch today. I pulled everything out and brought it all to the picnic table. I had turkey, ham, swiss, colby jack, pepper jack, peanut butter, but everyone of my kids chose nutella. We don't often have nutella, but when we do we finish it within days.
  • The kids watched some movies this afternoon while I did some napping. Robby and I took a walk around the block. Campbell and Keaton were so anxious about going to their party tonight that they took 8 walks around the little circle in front of us while they were waiting on me.
  • Around 3, I left with all of the girls. We dropped off Campbell and Keaton for Anna's birthday party. Then Reagan and I went to the store. I had a list of things, but only found about 2! Ugh, I am not sure why I can't manage to find what I need these days at the stores. Nothing major though-I guess I am just looking for odd things-a small air bake cookie sheet, a small bulletin board, pillowcases.
  • After our shopping, Reagan and I went home until their party was over. She had a shower-I don't think that she intends to shower in the camper at all. I worked on the dishes and laundry which seem to accumulate even when you don't stay at the house. I also pulled out school for next week, and then waited for the girls to get back.
  • When Sara dropped them off, we all loaded up to head back to the camper. Campbell and Keaton talked the entire way back telling us all about the party. The boys were ready for us to be back. 
  • They had been busy all evening long though. They went fishing in the Arkansas River. They didn't get any bites. While they fished, Whitman played on the playground and even made some new friends.
  • They made chicken roll ups for supper plus they even had brownies ready for us when we returned. We all had brownies. Then the girls started showering, while Whitman finished up his movie. Then Anderson, Graham, Keaton and I played Uno before it was finally bedtime. 
  • We all went to bed a bit earlier than yesterday, so the kids weren't as tired. This was fine though but getting the 4 swimmers up for swim team in the morning will be difficult!

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