August 21, 2020

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  • My first mission this morning was a doctor's appointment for Anderson. I wasn't able to get one early in the morning but did snag one in the afternoon. Since I didn't have that to do this morning, I woke up Campbell and Keaton to take them to Walmart.
  • Campbell had to find a birthday present for a friend-she did that without too much looking around. There were also pants for Keaton and shoes for Campbell along with a whole cart of other things that we needed-or at least thought that we needed!
  • When we came home, it was time for us to work together for a little bit. Even though we didn't do school today, I still read a tiny bit to everyone before we did a few science experiments.
  • The kids then started on their chores-by the time that we were finished with our chores, the house was looking decent-ish. I wish that could stay a little bit longer though because as soon as chores were over Graham and Whitman made oobleck. 
  • What a mess-it was everywhere. Graham and Whitman had read that you can not wash oobleck down the drain because it will clog the pipes. So they were NOT going to rinse any off of their hands. So Graham just sprayed the water onto his hands over the trash can and then just on the floor. What in the world? I quickly explained that after getting as much as possible off of their hands, then it is okay to rinse some down the sink as long as we weren't pouring clumps of it in the drain. Who knows, the pipes will probably be clogged tomorrow!
  • Next up was the pool for everyone except Anderson. When our pool time was over, Robby met my at Grannymom's house for a quick exchange. We dropped off our Whitman to spend the night over there. Then I hurried to the doctor with Anderson.
  • We didn't have to wait very long at all at the doctor. Anderson does have swimmer's ear along with an infected ear drum. This earned him ear drops and oral meds. I am sure glad that we still went to the doctor even though he tried to tell me that his ear was better today.
  • While we were doing that, Robby took Campbell home to change clothes and then picked up two friends to take them to a birthday party. He brought Sophia home to play with Keaton and we all made it home about the same time.
  • Robby and I worked on some stakes for the camper building while the girls played. They were anxious to work on their shirts-Keaton and Sophia helped make matching shirts. With the cricut and the heat press there isn't much that they can really help with, but they did as much as they could and were so pleased with their shirts.
  • Next up was supper at the Wilson's house. Shannon had spaghetti which we all seemed to devour-it wasn't leftovers so my crew was happy to eat it! The kids all played until it was time for me to take Sophia home and pick up Campbell. 
  • Shannon went with me-to the party and then to drop off two girls before getting back to her house. It took us at least an hour to make our trip, but did make it back in time to visit some more before we had to go home.  We made it home late and all m kids still had sheets to put back on their beds!

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