August 2, 2020

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  • There are a few good things about having church at 11-I was able to accomplish quite a few things this morning before even waking up the kids. I guess that everyone was super tired from last night, or they were enjoying their last morning of sleeping in. I actually probably should have been enjoying my last morning of sleeping in because I am already dreading waking up early tomorrow.
  • Church again was so good. I guess I really didn't know how much I missed it. Now I still miss being able to chat with people before and after and everywhere else in the building-that day will come sometime though.
  • We ate lunch at Grannymom's house. She had pizza and ooey gooey. I do believe that the kids certainly enjoyed the dessert because they pretty much devoured it coming back again and again for seconds. 
  • Whitman stayed at Grannymom's house this afternoon for some playtime while the rest of us headed home. Robby ran to the camper to work on something while I took a little Sunday siesta. It wasn't a long nap because before too long, we were all loading up to go to the pool before the rain came.
  • The rain never came, but we all had fun at the pool. After the pool, we ran home for supper before running to the camper for one thing. Everyone came with us so the kids played with the Heltz.
  • The one thing that they were working on tonight turned into a much longer thing than I had expected. That was fine though because a few more things were marked off of the to-do list. 
  • Once we made it home, it was bed time for the crew-school morning is going to come super early for everyone.

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