August 26, 2020

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  • It was sure nice and cloudy this morning-I sure didn't want to get started on my day. I will have to better tomorrow since I already have plenty of things to do. It must have been because of the early bedtime last night, but I had most people awake before 8 this morning. Some were even working on their school before school really started.
  • We were able to do our reading together this morning which is just my favorite part of the school day. If I could read the entire day long to the kids and count that as school, I certainly would. However, I guess that they have do a bit of math or other things.
  • Reagan had a bit of extra work today. She seemed to have finished most of the things already for Comm Central. She was so stressed trying to figure how to send things to her teachers. She will do great, but just needs a bit of confident. Now, I will say though, she does look so cute in her glasses.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa ran over for a little bit this afternoon. When they left, Keaton went to town baking 3 batches of her cookies. I think that Campbell was a bit sour that Keaton was the one cooking-she has already planned on what she is going to make tomorrow.
  • I worked with the kids on packing their clothes-I will say that packing since the camper is a whole lot easier. Now, watch me forgot my clothes tomorrow! (And of course, I still haven't packed a lick for me!)
  • I did make a real-ish supper tonight-we did all sit down together. As I was making supper for tonight, I also made supper for tomorrow night. It may be a bit stormy tomorrow, but we are still planning on having another fun adventure...we just need the rain to hold off for a few hours! 

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