August 25, 2020

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  • This day was filled with a lot of firsts: the first thing that we did was start on our school this morning. We didn't do our work together since we had to leave early. Everyone woke up decently and went right to work on their school.
  • Keaton has so much work right now-I would feel sorry for her, but she rocks it out without any problem. This was Reagan's last day with just a few classes to work on (She is doing math, apologetics, and history at home. Bible and Spanish will also be done here but will start soon.)
  • At 10, we left to pick up our Bible study books. This is the first year that Whitman will have his own book. He is about as excited about that as I am! (Which isn't much at all!) Well, seriously, their Bible study books are excellent, and I do certainly know that those books at the most important thing that they do during the school day.
  • After we received our books, I had some extra time so I took most everyone home. Reagan and Keaton went with me next for the next first: we picked up Reagan's glasses. She was quite impressed with how well she could now see. Over and over she said that things weren't blurry anymore.
  • We then still had time so we ran to Hobby Lobby to pick up a pair of shoes for Reagan. She needs them for a party so that was the reason for that purchase. Then the next first-dropping Reagan off at Comm Central. She just has two classes there (science and English) so she doesn't have to arrive until 12:30. 
  • I didn't think that she was going to get out of the car-she had to walk through all of the kids to find someone to take her temperature so she could go inside of the building. As she was walking up though, two of her friends saw her and came up to her so that was good.
  • I think that she had a good day-she chatted about her day on the way home. She said that it was "like school, but not school." I am not sure exactly what that means, but when she came home she pulled out all of her papers and tried to figure out exactly what all she needed to do.
  • Another first that happened today is that we are now a three car family. If we ever plan on pulling a car with the camper, then we needed to have a car that could sit 8. Robby found a van that can do that, so the current plan is for that car to become his while the suburban will eventually become the kid car. 
  • It was a busy day around here-so busy that we even moved bedtime up earlier than usual. 

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