August 24, 2020

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  • Today was the first day of school for a lot of folks. However, this was the first day of our fourth week. I am glad to be marking things off, but we are about to add Bible study to our list of things to do. All of the other kids will breeze through theirs, but Whitman will have his own book this year, and that just makes me want to cry. (And not happy tears like I am proud that he is growing up-nope, sad tears like I don't know how it will ever get done.)
  • School went fine this morning. Things were crazy though-I guess it always is. Sometimes things seem crazier than others-Keaton has questions, Graham doesn't understand what he is doing, Whitman has new math, Reagan is trying to get on a zoom, Anderson was ready to check his math and my phone is ringing! I completely understand why people go insane!
  • I eventually answered Keaton's questions and helped Graham understand what he was supposed to do. Graham helped Whitman understand his math (I think). Reagan's zoom didn't work for a while, but she eventually did get on (this was her first class from Comm Central-not the best way to start.) I let Anderson check his own math which I don't usually do, and I was then finally able to return my phone call. Sometimes it is just a bit crazy around here-and by sometimes, I mean from 8:30 until 12:30!
  • Things were calmer this afternoon and that all happened with lunch. Nonna and Pops brought over lunch. Sandwiches which we ate like we had never had one before. Campbell was excited tonight about eating some of the good ham tomorrow for her lunch. Whitman did come to me asking me to read him a book which I can't pass up. I read some of my book which rarely happens. There was some measuring happening outside which I helped with. Campbell made crepes for an afternoon snack while Keaton and Graham ran an errand with Robby.
  • Robby found a free meal for Keaton and Graham while they were out. The rest of us had McDonalds which killed hunger. Then Robby and I worked outside some-picking out the color of the new shed roof, cleaning out the underneath bins of the camper and putting some things inside the camper. I did forget about a zoom call for me tonight so I was late for that.
  • We did save time for a game of Oregon Trail before bedtime. Whitman and Keaton had been wanting to play so we played a quick round-and I say quick round because Whitman and I were out on our second turn, Keaton was soon out next followed by Anderson and then Graham. That just left Campbell and Robby who didn't last very long and soon also died of dysentery. 

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