August 12, 2020

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  • Robby was up early this morning again-there were lots of things happening. He was cooking some more pork butts and waiting for the electrician. The electrician never showed, but at least the meat did smell good all day long.
  • Before we started on school this morning, I cleaned out my car. There were probably lots of things that I needed to do instead, but man my car was just bothering me. Later today, I drove Robby's car and that was the car that I really should have been cleaning out.
  • School went pretty good today. I am not sure what happened to Whitman's focus, but he somehow had 5 pages of school left at noon. By that time, I had started on other things and had forgotten about keeping him on track. Around 6, Campbell finally sat down with him and helped him knock out the rest of his work.
  • Keaton was my constant helper today. She helped me load up somethings in the camper. Then she joined me and Campbell on our shipping trip-Dollar Tree, Kroger and Walmart. We found most things on our list and came home with a car full of things. 
  • We unloaded that set of groceries-I say that set, because we had a grocery delivery this morning that took me half of the day to finally put everything away. I had pulled out everything in one cabinet today for the kids to finish off during lunch, and for supper I pulled out everything in the fridge for us to finish off.
  • After we ate, we went to town cleaning the house. I am not sure how well the kids cleaned, but we have tomorrow to do a bit more. There was some work on the camper tonight along with frying up 10 pounds of meat for tacos. At the same time Robby was chopping up about 10 pounds of pork. Our kitchen had never seen so much meat!

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