August 17, 2020

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  • Even though my alarm did go off this morning when I wanted it to, I continued to hit snooze for as long as I could. I still managed to wake up in time to get things ready for school plus I started on the laundry. 
  • The laundry did take a while today. Every time I had a few minutes break during school, I would start folding again. I think I folded about 3 of the 4 loads that were clean by the time that I had to leave today.
  • School went fairly well. Robby did sit in our bedroom for some of school today. His observation was that there was lots of whining. I had to make sure that I wasn't the one who was whining-it wasn't me that he was talking about.
  • I had kind of lost track of time so Reagan and I had to leave quickly. Today was her day to go to UAMS for a MRI. The big 3 have done a study and earned a bit of extra cash. The study deals with abuse/drug use/reasoning skills. I'm not really sure what it all entails, but she got some cash and was pleased.
  • She was super pleased when we did pick up some Chick Fil A on the way home. Once at home, I had a few minutes before the next activity-signing a lot of papers (refinancing). Keaton would come in every once and watch us sign our names over and over.
  • Afterwards, we pulled out leftovers for supper. Everyone ate their fill-and we even declared tomorrow night as leftover night as well. The kids went out to play with the neighbors while Robby and I went out to work on the camper.
  • We ended up working in the camper, but we were sidetracked with filling in the trench (we just started that project) and moving branches (barely made a dent). We did finish cleaning the camper, but it was after ten when we went inside to tuck the kids in. I wanted some ice cream, but Robby was already munching on candy so my ice cream will have to wait for another night since I didn't want to eat alone.

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