August 23, 2020

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  • Usually on Sunday, church is first, but since church was at 11 today, I headed to do some shopping before 9. Reagan needed a few things for school, and her sisters wanted to tag along.
  • Reagan drove us to Target and did excellent. She might have driven a bit slow on Bowman, but since no one was behind her it didn't matter one bit at all. 
  • Our first stop was Target-she wanted a pencil case, and they had none that she liked. Thankfully, as we were about to leave empty handed, I suggested looking at the make up bags-and there we found one. It was even labeled as a pencil case so we left happily. 
  • We tried Old Navy next, but they were closed, so Walmart was the next stop on the list. We didn't need a ton of things, but did manage to fill up all our hands by the time that we left. Finally, I ran into Lowes to grab one thing for Robby before we headed home.
  • The boys were all awake by the time we came home. Robby had already done some work outside. They still had to put on their clothes, but we still managed to leave for church earlier than we have lately.
  • Not too many folks in our service, but I guess it did fill up a little bit. The preacher was very good, and I always enjoy sitting on my full row during church.
  • Pops is a bit under the weather so we didn't go over there for lunch. Instead we came home and pulled out some leftovers-I don't think that we will ever finish all of our leftovers. I am not sure how people eventually get rid of them-we eat some, we add some over and over again.
  • As we were warming up lunch, Graham text me to come up to their room in a minute. I had no idea what I was walking into-was someone sick, did someone want to talk about something serious, was something broken-nope. The boys had just rearranged their room. It looked, they were pleased so we were pleased. They have plans of getting desks at IKEA soon like the girls-except all desks are out of stock everywhere I look!
  • I then had a quick nap in the camper this afternoon. Then Campbell, Keaton and Graham went to the neighbors house to take them a quick meal and see their new baby. All of those kiddos were just smitten with the baby-Graham didn't want to hold her at first, but did by the time that we left.
  • We then had just a short amount of time before going to the pool. A big group of buddies were there so everyone had a good time. The adults talked and we ended up closing the place down-well, almost. It was just our group left so when we did leave, the place did close down! 
  • Back at home, some folks had a tiny snacky supper before showers and eventually bed-bed hasn't happened yet, but hopefully it will happen right at 10! I hear that my boys were up pretty late last night chatting in their room.

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