August 19, 2020

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  • Oh, gracious hearing that alarm ring before 7 wasn't fun this morning. The whole morning long, I was questioning my judgement on making an eye appointment for 8 in the morning. Today's eye appointment was for Reagan. She has been telling me that she can't see the signs when driving. 
  • I wear contacts that are stronger than they should be, so my eye sight is probably a bit better in regards to distance. I just figured that was the reason that I could see signs better than Reagan. After a thorough eye appointment, she is indeed near sighted....
  • But just a tiny bit. Her prescription is -.50 (comparison mine and Robby's are about -1.25 to -1.50). The eye doctor said that he usually doesn't prescribe glasses for -.25 but does always for -.75, but the -.50 area is iffy. 
  • He urged me to not do contacts because she doesn't really need them all day long and probably wouldn't wear them. I wasn't really sure what to do, but Reagan said that she would wear glasses "some." So I took the gamble that she would at least wear them when needed-which includes driving-and we picked out some lenses. 
  • Two things-I don't know how people afford glasses without insurance and my taste in glasses is different than Reagan's taste in glasses! Ha! They will be cute on her-hopefully she will wear them some.
  • All of this happened early enough that when we did get home, we were able to have a normal school day except for our morning work together time. When I realized that we were going to be able to do this, then I was proud of myself for booking such an early eye appointment. 
  • School went well, but a few of my people have saved their hardest work for tomorrow so that will be a delight! Ha! I tried to encourage them to do just a bit more today, but just received blank stares. Surely, they will eventually figure things out like that out. Oh, well, at least we don't have to do spelling with most folks tomorrow.
  • Robby was doing his work outside so I did join him occasionally this afternoon. I helped some-the yard is looking good again. It is now been mowed, the trench is filled in, logs are piled in piles, branches gone and camper parked in its new spot (it just needs a cover now though)
  • We did some running around tonight-Kroger where we didn't buy any real food, but did save a lot of money. Also there was a stop at Lowe's for wood. I have an idea for shelves for my cleaning products. And finally after making the kids eat leftovers 3 nights in a row (the same leftovers!) we decided that we needed some real food-ChickFilA for the kids and On the Border for Robby and I.
  • After we ate, Robby and I went to the camper and worked for a bit-I made placemats so things won't slide off of the table while driving (cards/food). Then we worked on moving a heater vent. We almost finishing that task when we realized that it was after ten and nearing eleven so we went in to put the kids to bed. I am not sure why we did that because I am can still the girls talking above my head and it is almost midnight!

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