August 8, 2020-First Camper Adventure! Lake Maumelle

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  • I didn't sleep as well last night, and I think that I know why. I did read an article last night that said people who sleep with a fan blowing on them, do not sleep as well. We always sleep with a ceiling fan, but last night in the camper Robby had a big fan blowing right on us. During the night, I had every symptom that I read about in the article-stuffy nose, achy muscles, dry mouth, etc. I am not sure all of that was really because of the fan or really because I just read the article! 
  • I still slept well though, and I do believe that everyone else did as well. Robby took the swimmers to the pool today for their last swim practice. The four of them have done really good this year-they time the kids every Saturday, and most everyone improved from the beginning. 
  • While they were gone, I straightened some and put up the blankets. As soon as they made it home, we started on our breakfast. We put the biscuits in the oven and started frying eggs and sausage on the griddle outside. 
  • Breakfast was good-it was probably too rich for Keaton's little tummy. Well, breakfast plus the slushie that she had on the way back from swim practice. She was a bit puny until after lunch time when she finally perked up. 
  • Robby and I took a few walks this morning. Unfortunately, it was rather hot today. When we were in the shade, it was fine, but the sun was just sunny! It was well after 1 when we started to break down camp. It didn't take us too long to put everything up. There really is no hurrying doing all of it though because even though it didn't take long, it sure wasn't quick.
  • Jason dropped by about the same time. He brought a really cool mini cornhole game for the kids. I know that they will enjoy playing with it next week. After loading up, we went back to the dump station. We probably shouldn't think that is so fun, but golly it is. 
  • Those things are just filthy. Robby has the gadget that he can spray water into the tank and fill it again. Then flush it out again. You are supposed to do this until the water is clean, but gracious we did it and did it and did it some more. All of this takes a bit of time since you have to fill up the huge tank, but each time the water comes out-let's just say it isn't the cleanest! Ha! Robby can't wait until we are at a full hook up site and he can clean that baby out all day long! I know, we probably need different hobbies.
  • Once the dumping was over, Graham and I left the others to go and get him a haircut. It shouldn't have taken so long, but we had to wait a while. First we walked around Kroger until we looked odd since we weren't buying anything. Then we sat in the car, but that soon became hot. Finally, we just waited outside by the front door of the hair cutting place. It was super hot, but it was worth it because Graham's hair looks good. 
  • Robby and the rest of the kids filled up with gas and then headed home. They did have some excitement on the way home-the shampoo holder fell causing a crash which spilled our soap, shampoo and conditioner all over the shower. That was all clean and most of the camper emptied by the time that we arrived home. I will say that the bathroom not smells delicious from all of the soap that spilled everywhere.
  • I helped for a few minutes before we all loaded back up to head to the pool. We stayed there about an hour and a half. Campbell and Graham got in a few more races before we all left to pick up pizza for supper.
  • Back at home, we ate before working on the camper. The kids emptied out the rest of their clothes. The washing machines were both going already so all that was then needed was some cleaning. Robby and I worked on that, and soon everything was back to order. We just have to load that baby back up for the next adventure.

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