August 22, 2020

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  • When I woke up, Robby was already laying under the camper. He worked most of the morning and even some of the evening on securing our tanks. I will say that 50 years from now, the grey and black tank will still be securely mounted under that camper. They shouldn't be going anywhere at all now! They have now been reinforced 3 different ways. 
  • I worked on laundry and emptying our vacuum cleaner closet. Our late morning project was adding shelves in the closet for all of my cleaning supplies. A few months ago, Robby would have never have attempted to make shelves, and now making those things were no problem at all.
  • We worked until 1 on this, then picked up quickly and headed to the pool. Anderson didn't go since his ear is still bothering him a bit. He did say that it is better. 
  • On the way, we stopped at Arby's which took forever. We did still swim for 2 hours so the kids had fun playing with their friends. We brought Noah home with us for the night, but also we made a few stops on the way home-Icees at the gas station, screws at Lowes and to Grannymom's house to pick up our Whitman,.
  • Once at home, the kids played our large Jenga game while I worked on filling up my new shelves. It didn't take long-especially when I have 4 of some things like dust spray. 
  • Eventually, we did feed the kids tonight-Robby ran to Sams to pick up buns and pizzas. We did frozen pizzas from Sams and weren't really pleased at all! They did kill hunger, plus we finished the evening with popcorn!
  • The kids are currently watching a movie upstairs even though it is well past bedtime already!

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