August 27, 2020-First Official Arkansas State Park

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I think that trip days are my favorite days. Robby was up before I was and started working on my chores. I quickly got caught up and had time for my shower before our school day started. I believe that Keaton and Campbell were already finished with their school work this morning, and Graham had finished everything but his math. Everyone was on a roll.

We did seem to fly through school. I even had a few breaks to take loads of things to the camper for the adventure. Before I realized it though, it was time to take Reagan to her class at Comm Central. Today her class was at Wildwood. 

While she was there, we did some last minute things around the house. Sara brought Reagan home and as soon as Reagan’s feet hit the ground, we pulled out headed to Mississippi River State Park.

The plan was to also stop by the Louisiana Purchase State Park, but that pesky ole tropical storm, once hurricane Laura, was hot on our heels. Robby had fought the wind the entire trip-he had to have both hands on the wheel at all times.

When we drove by the Louisiana Purchase spot, it was raining so we had to pass on that. It is my goal to make it to all 52 Arkansas State Parks-it wasn’t too much further down the road when we came upon our spot for the night-Mississippi River State Park.

First we drove by the visitor’s center which was about to close. The plan is to hit it tomorrow. Then our campsite was about 5 more miles down the road. It hasn’t rained any here yet-the wind is crazy strong so I figure that rain is coming quick. 

Robby had some work to do, and I had my blog to work on so we drove back up the visitor’s center so we could get cell service. As we worked the kids ran around outside-the boys played football and the girls and Whitman just ran. 

Our campsite is really nice. It is a small loop, and we have a pull through. I wish that we could set outside tonight, but I think the rain will prevent that. We do have big plans for the night-spaghetti and possibly a movie though the kids have been watching a move the whole trip here.

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