August 13, 2020-Longpool

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This was the day that my kids have been waiting for for weeks on end: Longpool. They have heard their friends talk about it for months and begged us to go with them once we bought the camper. They didn’t have to ask to hard since we are always up for an adventure. 

We did school this morning-it is hard to believe that this is already our 8th day of school. Most everyone was finished pretty early. Of course Whitman was my straggler, but since I read him 3 library books I did kind of slow him down. 

By noon, he had finished and everyone had helped me straighten the house some. The kids would have done anything I asked to speed up us leaving. Of course last minute things always do get a bit crazy. Camryn arrived at the same time that the electrician showed up.

We had loaded everything the night before and some of the kids had packed this morning. I didn’t really have a lot of add to the camper before leaving, but I did have my list on the table for the few things I might forget. 

Unfortunately, we did forget on thing, but fortunately, it didn’t really matter at all. We had intended to fill the black tank with ice on the way. Robby had already squirted a bottle full of dawn dish detergent in there, and the ice would help agitate the tank so it would be a sparkling clean place for us to keep our…

Well, we forgot the ice, but that was fine. Hopefully, that is the only thing that we did forget. We did load up with all of the kids plus Camryn for this adventure. The drive to Longpool was just about an hour and a half. I had never set up front in the camper, so I felt like I was driving too. 

Robby probably didn’t need any help, but I certainly did point out every car on the side of the road plus every brake light that I saw. Also, the cab on the top of the camper is hanging over your head which is not like my car. In it, I can see the reflection of the road which kind of can make my dizzy if I think about it. 

The drive here was really pretty once we left the main roads. We met the Heltz and followed them up. While we were driving, the kids all mainly sat up front playing on their devices. Graham did ask for a snack as he was opening a cabinet door-he quickly learned that was not the thing to do since most everything in that cabinet rained out on top of him. There are still lots of camper things that we all have to learn.

When we made it to the campsite, the first thing we had to do was to dump the sudsy black tank. That didn’t take too long then we went to the tiny little campground loop to find our spot. The Heltz’ have been here before and told us about how empty it is. However, when we drove around the loop, there weren’t many spots left-just 4 which was the exact amount that we needed. 

Wes beat us here so he had his kids sitting in the other 3 spots just waiting. There were even people circling looking for a site. We had the site closest to the bathrooms which is fine-they did notice that we have a little bit less shade, but hopefully it will be fine. 

There is an empty spot in the middle waiting on the Fergusons, while the Heltz are next and the Crafts are across the road a bit. It worked out perfectly for everyone. Once Robby backed in like a pro, we started to unload.

First there is getting level. Then we have to hook up the power and electric. Both slides and the awning have to come out. Next comes the fun stuff-the tablecloth, chairs and rug. Setting up the tent is the hardest thing, but it sure was fun to decorate it tonight with our new lights. 

As soon as the let the kids out the door, they ran to see their friends. So far there are 16 kids here and two families will arrive tomorrow. When they were all walking around the loop, it looked as if the circus had come to town or like a parade going down the street. 

This campground is indeed pretty full. There seems to be another large group. I didn’t count all of them as they were eating supper, but I sure did notice their full size refrigerator that they brought camping with them. I am new to this camping stuff, but this was the fist time that I have seen that!

Around 7 or maybe even after, I heated up our supper. Tonight we ate the BBQ that Robby smoked yesterday. We had that along with chips and baked beans. I am not sure, but I think that I was supposed to save the beans for another meal and have corn tonight., We wrote out a menu, but I can’t get to it on my phone since we have no cell service. (That is why I am writing all of my blogs out at night, but will be late posting them.)

The Craft crew brought their suppers to our picnic table, so it was quite a crew eating supper. Soon the parents all migrated to our area as well. The kids ended up in the camper for a bit-I took some deep breaths, and it was all fine. They weren’t crazy so we let them stay in. We did bribe them to come outside for a popsicle later though.

One thing that we quickly noticed was that this site doesn’t have nearly as many bugs as last week. There were a few large bugs that the kids had fun swatting out with the electric fly swatters, but there were hardly any mosquitos or moths or whatever it was that we had so much trouble with last week. 

It was after 10 when we all went inside our own campers for bed. It took a while to straighten outside since we are expecting some rain tonight. We didn’t want things to get soaking wet. It took a while for folks to get situated tonight. No one had showers, but the little girls washed their feet off before bed. 

Camryn and Reagan are in the overhead bunk tonight with Whitman and Keaton sleeping on the table. Graham is on the couch with Anderson also in the bunk again. Campbell has Reagan’s spot from last time-the lower bunk.

Currently, it is 11:30, Robby is taking a shower while Graham and Whitman are still chatting. Hopefully, we all can sleep in a little bit tomorrow. I know that I might can, but we much have time for breakfast-chocolate chip pancakes!

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