August 4, 2020

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  • Ahh, the second day of school, and we again survived. My alarm didn't go off when I thought that it should-that was probably because I set it for 7 p.m. and not a.m. That was fine though because Whitman came in to our room at about that time, and I did figure out my mistake. 
  • He cuddled up and went back to sleep so I stayed in bed for a few more minutes. I have again discovered that each minute I am awake before it is time for school to start is pretty nice-I can be fairly productive before we start school.
  • Whitman again finished last, but if he is done before 1, I consider it a super win. Keaton again took a while, but I also think that she will have less to do on Thursday because she hasn't caught on to picking the easy things to do in the beginning of the week like her brothers and sisters. It does eventually catch up with them, and at the end of this week they will have a lot of work.
  • A bit after noon, I up and left to go and pick up some library books. I didn't have any that had to be turned in today or really any that had to be picked up today, but I did feel like today was as good of time as any. I did enjoy the nice quiet drive to the library.
  • When I returned we did a bit more reading-I know that I have said this before but I just love our reading time. There are so many good books! Tomorrow we probably won't get to read so that makes me a bit bummed. 
  • This afternoon we had some new friends come over to play. They have 4 kids and Keaton got to know their daughter during the past few Tuesdays at church. The kids played outside and inside. I do think that they had a really fun time-I did at least.
  • When they left, Robby went to town chopping up tonight's supper. We had bbq for our supper, and it was delicious. I made some beans really quickly in the microwave, and they were decent. After supper, we worked on cleaning the grill before moving on to the shed.
  • Tonight's camper activity was gathering our outside camping stuff. We had some bins to go through and found a few things that will now live in the camper. Since it isn't over here, I really have no idea how much room we have underneath-will it all fit? Who knows! We should find out tomorrow.
  • The Ferguson's dropped off a spare camper tire tonight so that will be a project for another day. They stayed and visited for a while and even left us with dessert. Robby and I devoured the coffee cake tonight once the kids went to bed. It was almost better than ice cream...almost.

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