August 20, 2020

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  • Woohoo! Today we finished our third week of school-12 days down. Not too shabby at all. Well, Campbell and Anderson both have some work to finish up tomorrow, but really that is what our Fridays are going to be for this upcoming year. 
  • School went really well today. I guess by the end of the day, Reagan started to get a bit nervous about Comm Central. I am not sure is if she is nervous or maybe excited-but she has packed her backpack and is making a list of things that she thinks she needs. 
  • Next we have Anderson who doesn't feel too great today. I think that he has swimmer's ear. We have been doing drops since last night which have not helped at all, so I guess that we will try to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow. At times he has said that his ear was throbbing. Urgh, I hate that.
  • Graham has had a good day-especially since we played his new game tonight (5 Crowns).Whitman, Campbell, Keaton and I played with him. It took nearly an hour, but it is a fun little game. The last (and only) two camping trips, we have been pretty busy and haven't had time to play many card games, but hopefully we will have time to do those things soon while on a little trip.
  • Campbell continues to live her best life. She has worked most of the day gathering things for her friend's birthday tomorrow. She is the most thoughtful and the messiest of all of my kiddos.
  • Keaton was super excited tonight because her friend is coming over while Campbell is at the birthday party tomorrow. They have big plans-as in they are planning to make shirts tomorrow. She was so happy when I told her that they could actually make shirts. 
  • Whitman took most of the morning to do his school. That is expected these days-I know plan on sitting with him from about noon when everyone else finishes until 12:45ish when he finally finishes. Our normal lunch time has slowly crept backwards to near 1 which is fine. Maybe someday lunch will move back late enough that we will only need two meals a day!
  • Tomorrow will probably be a busy day-hopefully we will be able to get everything accomplished though the first priority is Anderson a doctor's appointment!


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