August 18, 2020

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  • Well, I wish that I had gotten up a bit earlier this morning, but I still managed to empty the dishwasher, fold the clothes and clean the shower before we started school. Imagine what all I could do if I really did wake up early-some day!
  • It is surprising when I think this is our third week of school. We are knocking those weeks out. I am sure that we will be gone a few days here or there soon, so everything we can do know is a bonus. Now, with Reagan starting a co-op that will make leaving a bit tricky. She will have an online class on Monday, a few lunch time to afternoon classes on Tuesday and an afternoon class on Thursday. 
  • I am sure that we can figure out someway to escape for a few days during the weeks-but when we throw in her soccer and teaching Sunday school that all may not happen as much as I would like. I kind of enjoyed the corona shut down! 
  • School went pretty good today even though we were finishing around 1. Whitman seems to be doing better at getting his stuff finished. He is doing everything that Keaton did last year which is a lot-now we aren't on track with spelling and are already falling behind in his new book, but that keeps me sane so it is worth it.
  • At 1:30 we loaded up for the pool. On the way we picked up Brett. The kids all swam until about 4:20 which is when the big kids went to the park. Well, Whitman went too-first he went without asking or telling me. I retrieved him and did later let him go but made sure that he understood that he had to walk to the park with me and walk back wish someone else.
  • Once we came home, we all pulled out the leftovers and found something different than last night. Then it was time to work. We went outside and burned branches and leaves until it was dark-or even past dark. 
  • The kids worked super hard and we really have most of the branches gone. The logs are still there, but hopefully they will go away soon. The yard will look a lot different in the morning when I see it in the day light.
  • The kids all worked super hard-Reagan was probably the hardest worker. I do believe that she knew that if we didn't hurry up and finish then no one would have any downtime tonight. We did finish in time for us all to even settle around the tv and watch a Bates before finally going to bed.

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