August 30, 2020

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  • Well, back to reality this morning-dishes and laundry. There was lots of laundry to be folded and gracious it does just keep coming out of the dryer. I am not sure how it gets in there, but it just keeps coming.
  • We are loving this church at 11 right now. I know it isn't going to last forever.  I reloaded some things into the camper, and Robby worked on cleaning out (that is the nice way to say that.) It didn't take too long before we were scurrying around waking up kids and getting dressed for church.
  • Church was down today, but the music and sermon were excellent. I will say that the Lord's Supper was different-prepackaged juice and bread...but I wouldn't call it bread. It was more like Styrofoam that melted on your tongue. It was definitely a new experience.
  • After church, we went to Grannymom's house for lunch. Lunch was delicious. We hung out some after lunch. I even played a few card games before it was time to head home.
  • This afternoon I pulled out school for 4 kids and even snuck in a very short nap. People were screaming at each other and woke me up. I did just lay really still and let them scream until they stopped so I could go back to sleep.
  • Robby was outside though working (I eventually did got and help him.) The first job was the rewire something that messed up during the blow out. He did that and even secured a few things. Then he saw one more spot that was messed up so he used some flex seal tape and spray to fix that (though it still needs another coat.) It was super hot out there so we were both ready to go to the pool.
  • Robby was still actually working when I started gathering kids and telling them to get in the car. We had to wait on him briefly as he poured gasoline on himself-he was trying to get the flex seal that he spilled on him off-it didn't really help though. He is taking a shower now and we shall see-earlier tonight he looked as if he had been a mechanic for 20 years and he had tattoos all over his arm that had been smeared. 
  • The pool was nice tonight. All of the buddies were there-that would mean that our group had 27 folks there tonight and some dads and kids were not even there. I won't miss a lot about the pool when it closes next week, but I will miss our night time visits there.
  • Once we came home, I pulled out leftovers from the fridge. Everyone found something-and for some reason I have a ton of cheese dip leftover from last night and barely any chips. Urgh! It was fine though, I used a tortilla for my cheese dip.
  • As the kids showered, Robby and I did some recon work in the camper checking to see what one more snapped wire might go to. We couldn't find anything at all so that was good news. Then it was finally bedtime for the crew.

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